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New Student Peer Mentoring

What is New Student Mentoring?

The New Student Mentor Program is designed to assist incoming students in their transition to college by pairing them with experienced students. Mentees will have increased access to academics, discipleship, leadership, career, campus, and social resources through their mentors.

The New Student Mentor Program contributes to the retention, progression, graduation, and overall success of the students involved by connecting them to the resources they need to succeed in their college experience.

How Does It Work?

First Semester students will meet their mentors when they attend Get Connected — the new student orientation. During this two-day event, new students gain valuable information about campus and the atmosphere of BYU-Idaho. They will have opportunities to make friends and begin meaningful relationships with both their peers and their mentors.

After Get Connected, the semester officially starts and the demands and expectations of college life begin. According to the needs and desires of the student, mentors and their students will have regular communication and meetings. It is through that communication that mentors will be able to recognize, understand, and help to meet the needs of their students. To help foster and continue friendships mentors will organize and execute monthly activities for their students.