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I-Plan Information

I-Plan allows you to chart your course to graduation, strengthen your academic success, and explore and prepare for your future career.
I-Plan is a custom-designed digital tool to help you make the best of your time in college. From start to finish, I-Plan will guide you along the way whenever and wherever it works for you.

Academic Preparation

I-Plan identifies which areas you’re ready for and which areas to get help.
A female student wearing protective goggles measures chemical drops to a beaker during a chemistry lab.

Academic Preparation

I-Plan identifies which areas you’re ready for and which areas to get help.
Identify Your Strengths
Find out what academic skills you excel in and how to utilize them for success in college and a career.
Fill the Gaps
Test your skills in math, writing, reading, design, study habits, and more. Find areas where improvements can take you to the next level.
Launch Pad for College Success
Start your college career on the right foot. Set yourself up to make the most of your time in college.

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Career Exploration

With I-Plan, learn how your interests align with potential majors and careers.
A screenshot view of Career Exploration in I-Plan.

Career Exploration

With I-Plan, learn how your interests align with potential majors and careers.
Chart Your Course with Confidence
With I-Plan, you can navigate the unfamiliar waters of college with confidence.
Narrow in on the Best Path for You 
Plan with certainty! Find career options that match closest to your skills and interests.
Explore All the Possibilities
Discover career salaries, job locations, outlooks, and more.

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Grad Planner

A screenshot view of Grad Planner in I-Plan.

Grad Planner

On the Road to Graduation
See all the class options and graduation requirements for your degree. Plan your major, General Education, and elective courses all in one place.
Explore Alternate Majors
Grad Planner allows you to create plans to explore different majors.
Take a Look at Grad Planner
Get started on planning your academic path at BYU-Idaho. Review your plan often, make changes, or explore options as you work toward your goals.

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Need Help with Grad Planner?
There are lots of resources available to help you plan for graduation. Attend a workshop, meet with an advisor, get walk-in help with your grad plan, or chat with us.

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A female student tutor helps three students with class questions at the Tutoring Center.


Succeed in Your Classes
Build strong academic skills and get help with classes by working with a tutor.
The Best Help for Your Needs
BYU-Idaho offers a variety of tutoring help. Meet with a tutor in-person or access video tutorials. Take practice quizzes.
What Does Tutoring at BYU-Idaho Look Like?
Find out how tutoring services can help you succeed in college. Sign up for tutoring in I-Plan.

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Career Preparation

A screenshot of Career Development tools in I-Plan.

Career Preparation

Step-by-Step Guide
I-Plan is a curated step-by-step guide based on your major to help you prepare for a job after graduation. Simple tasks help you become the best professional version of you.
Personalized for You 
Tasks are geared to your major and specific field. No need to wonder what you should be doing.
Land Your Dream Job
Your time in college will help you prepare to land the job you’ve always wanted or didn’t realize you wanted. Get ready with I-Plan.

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A teacher guides a BYU-Idaho student in the shop


Find Available Internships
Find internships through I-Plan. Send acceptance letters and get approval from your professors.
Networking at Your Fingertips
Access mentors for advice, networking, and help to transition from college to employment.
Open a Door to a Future Career
Internships prepare you for the world of work with relevant work experience and exposure to jobs in your industry.

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Get Help

Meet with an advisor who can assist with your specific interests and needs.
Meet With An Advisor
Meet with an advisor by scheduling an appointment through I-Plan.

Book Appointment Now
Call Advising Office
Call the Advising Office with questions or schedule an appointment at (208) 496-1411.

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Live Chat
Get instant messaging about academic advising questions and assessments.

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Learn More About Academic Advising
Learn how Academic Advising can help you plan your college classes.

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