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English as an International Language Center

The EILC is designed to help non-English speaking students to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing English skills.

Get Help Writing and Speaking in English

BYU-Idaho wants to help you succeed in your classes. There are campus courses you can take for credit or you can receive tutoring help from other BYU-Idaho students.

English Speaking/ Writing Courses
Get a HELPer
Tutoring Appointments
English Speaking/ Writing Courses
Get a HELPer
Tutoring Appointments
English Speaking/ Writing Courses
Get a HELPer
Tutoring Appointments

English Speaking/ Writing Courses

A BYU=Idaho student helps an international student learn English.

Register for a class that will help you improve your English writing, reading, and speaking skills. All classes will earn you credit towards graduation. (You can only sign up for tutoring appointments after you’ve registered for a course.)

GS102R (0.5-2 credits)

Work one-on-one with a tutor to learn successful skills for studying and reading. This is a not an English class, but a course to help you improve your studies. (Course GS102R can be taken more than once for a maximum of six credits.)

Sign up for GS102R Tutoring

Get a HELPer

The Tutoring Center is for students who desire further help with assignments.

If you need help improving your learning skills, the HELPer Program is a free tutoring service that will help you refine your reading, writing, listening, speaking, and study skills. You do not need to register for a class to sign up for a HELPer appointment.

Volunteers in the HELPers Program will help you 

  • Enhance your writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills 
  • Prepare for class assessments 
  • Learn strategies to adapt to American culture. 

If you need course-specific help, contact your Teacher’s Assistant or the Tutoring Center.

Sign up for a HELPer

Tutoring Appointments

The Tutoring Center is for students who desire further help with assignments.

When you attend a tutoring appointment, keep the follow rules in mind.

  • Attend a scheduled tutoring sessions. (Students who miss two consecutive appointments may be dropped by the third missed appointment.) 
  • Communicate with your tutor if you have an emergency. (Students should not use avoidable excuse to skip appointments or reschedule.) 
  • Be on time and prepared for all tutoring appointments. 
  • Set goals and be an active participant in your tutoring sessions. (Tutoring is about helping each student be successful in their reading and school experience. This can only happen if you are an active participant in the process.) 
  • Treat the tutor with respect and courtesy. (Respect tutor’s time and availability. Students are not entitled to repeatedly reschedule appointments. Tutors also have their academic commitments and responsibilities.) 
  • Keep a professional relationship with the tutor. (Students and tutors are not allowed to date. If your tutor gives you his or her cell phone number, it is for tutoring purposes only). 
  • Treat the tutoring subject matter seriously. (Tutoring is about learning and study; avoid distractions; it’s not a time for texting, Facebooking, etc.) 
  • Lead out in discussions about what you are learning 
  • Complete all assignments assigned during tutoring 
  • Be accountable to your tutor. (This includes allowing your tutor to provide feedback, study tips, support and guidance regarding your overall academic performance.) 
  • Always check-in and check-out at the supervisor’s desk 


Who Can Take EILC Courses?

You don't have to be an international student. You can sign up for tutoring if you are learning English as a Second Language. If English is not your second language but you need grammar help, contact the Reading Center.
Yes, the EILC will practice speaking with your spouse and help him/her improve.
Spouses need an I-number to sign up for appointments. To get an I-number, visit the Kimball building on campus. After getting an I-number, email  to get set up with a tutor, or call the supervisor’s desk at (208)496-4290.
The EILC is closed during all school breaks.
Unfortunately, the EILC is not offering tutoring sessions to online students. We only work with on-campus students.

About The Courses

We do not tutor in specific course content, but we assist students to learn course materials by teaching them reading strategies.
Yes, through the HELPers program the EILC offers, you can get tutoring help.

Tutoring Appointments

You are expected to follow the BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards.
Call the supervisor’s desk twelve hours before your appointment to cancel and set up a makeup appointment with your tutor. If something comes up less than twelve hours before your appointment, contact your tutor directly.
If you're taking one of the classes for credit, you need to contact your tutor as soon as possible for a makeup appointment. For the HELPers program, if you miss three consecutive appointments without contacting your tutor each time you miss, you might be dropped from the program.
You must first inform your tutor ahead of time if you are going to miss an appointment. Tutors may reschedule an appointment with you or if they are busy, find another tutor to do a one-time appointment with you. However, tutors are not obligated to reschedule especially if they have a busy semester.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, students have the option to request remote appointments if they are quarantined, sick, taking care of sick family members, or have other extenuating circumstances. This option will continue until further notice. However, the preferred method is face-to-face tutoring.

Become an EILC Tutor

Find out more about how you can help teach students English.
Teach English to Non-native Speakers
Students from all over the world attend BYU-Idaho and many of them need help improving their English writing, reading, and speaking skills. The EILC has need of tutors every semester to help ESL students learn English.

English as an International Language Center
MCK 290
(208) 496-4275
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
EILC Tutor Requirements
  • Native or near-native English fluency 
  • Must have completed FDENG 150 with an “A” grade 
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or above 
  • TOEFL score above 80 or ACT score above 20 
  • Must be available for at least three semesters 
  • TESOL majors and minors are given preference 
  • Flexible hours, but must commit to at least 10 hours of availability each week.

For more information about being an EILC Tutor or to check available openings, contact the EILC Office.

Contact the EILC