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Academic Requirements

Learn about the requirements students must complete to earn a degree or certificate from BYU-Idaho.

Understanding Graduation Requirements

Understand which specific courses must be completed to meet graduation requirements.  

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Degree Components
Degree requirements are based on your choice of major, minor, certificate, or other components. You must also complete General Education courses, elective courses, and satisfy graduation requirements.

Major Courses

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A major is a group of related courses that build skills in a particular area. You are required to choose a major as a BYU-Idaho student.
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A minor is a group of related courses that can complement your choice of major. Most majors at BYU-Idaho do not require a minor, but some do. You may be able to add an optional minor if you can complete all degree requirements within 120 total credits.
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Certificate or Cluster
Most certificates or clusters consist of a group of courses with a total of 12 to 15 credits. A certificate or cluster can add value to your degree by adding a specific skill set.
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General Education
Required General Education courses will help improve your ability to think, write, and speak with clarity and skill. They offer you greater experience in a variety of subjects.

Learn About General Education Courses
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Elective Courses
Complement your major studies with elective courses in other disciplines. With intentional planning, your electives can offer you more skills in a future career.

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Graduation Requirements

Degree-seeking students are required to complete BYU–Idaho religion courses. The number of required religion credits and courses vary based on your degree.

See Religion Course Requirements
Most BYU-Idaho majors require an internship. The purpose of an internship is to help you prepare for your career by providing relevant work experience. You will apply the knowledge and skills learned in your coursework and gain exposure to jobs within your industry.

Internship Basics
Total Credits Required
To earn any degree or certificate, you must complete a minimum number of credits in addition to all degree requirements.

See Credits Required for Your Degree
GPA Requirements
To earn any degree or certificate at BYU-Idaho, you must have an OVERALL GPA of 2.0. 

Other Graduation Requirements

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