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Personal Safety

Keep yourself and others safe from crime with these personal safety guidelines.

Personal Safety Guidelines

  1. Always lock your car and trunk. Store valuables out of sight in your trunk.
  2. Never leave keys in your car or "hide" a spare key in a wheel well or bumper.
  3. Never leave your car/apartment keys, purse, backpack, or other personal items unattended.
  4. Carry car keys separately from house keys. Never put your name or address on your keys.
  5. Lock your bicycle in racks outside campus buildings (not to trees or railings); use a U lock or case-hardened lock and chain. Take easy-to-steal items (helmet, pump, bottles, quick-release seat, etc.) with you.
  6. Engrave your bike frame and wheels with your driver's license number to discourage theft.
  7. Use well-lit walkways at night, walk in pairs or groups, or call University Police at extension 3000 for an escort to your car.
  8. Report suspicious activities or persons to University Police at extension 3000 or use the emergency phone.
  9. Lock the outside door of apartment when (a) leaving, (b) the apartment will be unoccupied during the day, or (c) home alone at night or on weekends.

Additional Personal Safety Resources

Get help with jumpstarts, building let-ins, locked keys in car, and safety escorts.
Find authorized areas to park.