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Department Recovery Plan

The ____________________________ Department fills an important role at BYU-Idaho. Key personnel in the ________________________________ Department have put together the following procedures to ensure the Department is capable of restoring critical functions after any disaster. These procedures include a summary of the critical functions performed by the ____________________________ Department, which other departments must be involved in recovering these functions, which employees should be active in the recovery process, what steps those employees should follow, and what resources are required to perform those steps. It is vital that each employee be familiar with the actions they will be required to perform following a disaster. These procedures will be tested and revised on a regular basis to insure viability.

Department Disaster Philosophy

The primary function of the ____________________________ Recovery Team is to assist the Recovery Director in the recovery process by restoring the critical business functions listed below within an acceptable period of time.

Critical Functions

Critical business functions are those functions which, if not performed due to a disaster, would cause serious or irreparable harm to BYU-Idaho in terms of lost revenue and profits, research grants, or loss of customers, and market share. The critical functions performed by the _____________________________ Department are:

Critical Function Recovery Window

1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________

This should be a prioritized list of descriptions of the functions performed by this department. Descriptions should include which services/products would be affected in what way if the functions could not be performed following a disaster.

Dependencies of Critical Functions

1. Systems

A. ______________________________
B. ______________________________

This should be a list of the systems which must be operational for the critical functions to be performed. Ex: Services, accounting systems, phones systems, utility systems.

2. Supporting Departments

A. ______________________________
B. ______________________________

This should be a list of departments that support these functions and what the supporting department must do. Ex. Physical Plant must provide a reasonable working environment.

3. Departments supported

A. ______________________________
B. ______________________________

This should be a list of departments supported by these functions. Ex. ________ function must be performed before the Payroll Department can release funds.

Team Composition

Complete Personal Profile sheets for each member of the department's recovery team. List team position, i.e. Coordinator, Alt. Coordinator, team member.

Notification and Assessment

1. Team Notification Procedures: Details; who calls who, when, and where they should report. A basic telephone tree.
2. Assessment Procedures: What assessments need to be made before action is taken? When and if you are allowed into the building what needs to happen?
3. Emergency Call Lists:
—— A. For a listing of key department contacts.

Recovery Procedures

Outline the necessary steps that need to be taken to restore the critical functions of the group.

Administrative Procedures

1. Maintain a record of the hours team members work and their work location.
2. Record any personal expenses incurred during the recovery process. Receipts should be kept for proper reimbursement.
3. Submit periodic written reports on the recovery status of your department to the Disaster Operations Center.

Site Recovery Management

Site recovery functions are the anticipated activities required for the resumption of normal levels of operations and production. These recovery functions may have to be carried out with a diminished level of resources. In response to a catastrophic event, the recovery effort may encompass a time period of a few weeks to several months and must be coordinated between various service departments to ensure that business interruption is minimized.

The site service recovery teams will consist of the following departments:

1. Facilities
2. Telecommunications
3. Human Resources
4. Purchasing
5. Security / Safety


The Physical Plant will be responsible for the following functions:

1. Damage Assessment: This encompasses assessing structural and non-structural damage, specific production and damage to building equipment, utility, and communication systems, as well as including photographs of all damages. Facilities must also identify the potential need for contracted services, labor, and material for damage repair and restoration of operations.
2. Estimated repair costs and recovery schedules will be developed and distributed to Risk Management and insurance underwriters.
3. Building Repairs Provide technical direction on damage repair performed by in-house and contracted personnel. Facilities will also obtain and provide engineering and architectural drawings to the personnel responsible for doing repairs.
4. Facilities will be responsible for the following functions:
—— A. Electricity
—— B. Gas
—— C. Water
—— D. Heating / Air Conditioning
5. Facilities will be responsible for salvaging capital assets equipment from damaged buildings.


Telecommunications personnel is responsible for the recovery of the phone systems. They will be responsible for evaluating the extent of the damage and interfacing with the appropriate vendors. During the recovery, the Telecommunications Recovery Team may need to perform or oversee, any or all of the following processes in order to successfully recover the site.

  • Recovery plan agreements with selected vendors to restore all switching and cabling requirements for reconstruction.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for providing employee information to the Disaster Operations Center. The Human Resources Recovery Team may perform or oversee, any or all of the following processes to support site recovery.

1. Coordinate employee assistance and benefit programs for affected employees and family members.
2. Provide professional counseling and guidance for employees dealing with the disaster.
3. Coordinate additional temporary labor as needed.


It must be assumed that a substantial amount of equipment will not be salvageable in the event of a disaster. Accordingly, Purchasing will be responsible for facilitating the procurement of necessary equipment on short notice. The Purchasing Department will be responsible for the following functions.

1. Replacing damaged equipment necessary to restore critical functions.
2. Processing departmental requests for contract services, materials, and labor.

Security Services

Campus Police will maintain ongoing security coverage for the facilities throughout all site recovery activities. They will be responsible for the following functions to assist in the site recovery.

1. Restore security access control systems.
2. Contract security vendors and volunteers will provide additional support as needed. Safety personnel will be available to assist in the various site recovery responsibilities that may arise.