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Fire Safety

Fire prevention and safety are an important part of the emergency action plan at BYU-Idaho. Use these resources to learn more about fire safety and prevention.

Fire Safety Resources

Information about OHSA’s fire prevention plan.
Fill out an online application for an open flame permit.
How to handle hazardous or combustible materials at BYU-Idaho.
Guidelines for campus employees in the event of an emergency.
How to use a fire alarm and evacuate campus buildings during a fire.
Step-by-step instructions how to operation a fire extinguisher.
How to prevent fires by controlling ignition sources.
Damaged concrete the day after a heavy rainstorm on the BYU-Idaho campus in 2014.
Who to contact in your building about fire safety and evacuation.
Learn about different types of fires and how to prevent them.
A checklist for essential fire safety training.
Videos about the dangers of kitchen oil fires.