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Field Trip Insurance Summary

Tetons: Fall Splendor
General Information
Field trip insurance can be purchased by a department to provide additional insurance for students and volunteers participating in University-sponsored, scheduled, and supervised activities. The cost of the insurance can be paid by the department or be built into any class or program fees.

Field trip insurance is secondary insurance, meaning all participants are still required to have their own primary insurance. Not all injuries will be covered. Never tell a student that the field trip insurance or the University will pay for their injury. Have them contact Financial Services at 208-496-1901 in addition to submitting the claim to their personal insurance provider. If the claim is approved by the University's insurance company, the field trip insurance will provide coverage only after the student's personal insurance.

Policy Summary
$0 deductible  
$2,500 Accidental Medical Expense Benefit  

Class Activity Type

Activity Type
IStandard activities, moderate walking activities e.g. walking tours, trips to state parks, museums, city centers, etc.$0.20
IIIScuba diving$2.75
IVRiver rafting, kayaking, swimming$1.70
VPlanned activities, e.g. hiking, ropes courses, mountain biking, X-country skiing, leadership training, overnight survival, etc.$1.25
VIDownhill skiing, cave crawling, rock climbing, rappelling$1.70
VIIAcademic field research, traffic studies, soil research, low impact environmental studies, construction design projects, etc.$1.05
VIIIAll active mascots and backup dance participants attending television show auditions and performances.$1.70
IXAll active ATV participants.$4.75

August 12, 2022 02:59 PM
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