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Student FAQ

There are two common reasons why that may be happening:
  1. The evaluation isn’t open yet. If this is the case, you will see a message stating that course evaluations are closed.
    Solution: Try again when course evaluations are open.

  2. There has been an error with the sign-in process. If this is the case, you will see one of many different error messages or will simply get a blank page when you click the link.
    Solution: Clear your cookies/cache or open the link in a new browser. If that doesn’t work, contact
No. The link will take you to the evaluation system where you will get a chance to evaluate all of your classes, not just the class the teacher emailed you about.
For full semester and second block classes, evaluations open two Saturdays before the last day of the semester and close at midnight on the last testing day.

For first block and Summer Session courses, evaluations open the Saturday before the last day of class and are open for one week.
Evaluations are an anonymous way for you to let your instructor know what went well and what you feel could be improved. An instructor may use your feedback to improve their course and teaching approach. University leaders use the data to discover areas of potential concern and to identify courses that appear to be particularly effective.
We average the responses from all students for each question and provide those data to your instructor. We also provide instructors the open-ended comments. Your instructor will not be able to tell which responses you provide. In addition, we also make aggregated data visible to university administrators, leadership, and outside groups who need those data, such as university accreditors. Again, those viewing the data will not be able to tell how you, as an individual, responded.
No. Your instructor will know if you have submitted an evaluation, but he or she will not be able to connect your identity to your actual responses. We do not provide instructors results in sections with less than five enrollments in order to protect student identity.

Your response will be confidential, as described on the Protection of Research Data page.
No. Your instructors will not know which rating came from you. Also, we do not provide your instructor with results until after he or she has submitted final grades.