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Faculty FAQ

Generally, we don't evaluate internships, private music lessons, recitals, independent studies, or practicums. Otherwise, the course will be evaluated.

You can see which of your courses will be evaluated here. If you feel that a course on that list shouldn't be evaluated or there is a course that you think should be evaluated, contact
For full semester and second block classes, evaluations open two Saturdays before the last day of the semester and close at midnight on the last testing day.

For first block and Summer Session courses, evaluations open the Saturday before the last day of class and are open for one week.
This link will take students to the course evaluation system:

Note: This link will only work if you are registered for a course.

You can also set up an external tool in Canvas that will track whether or not a student has filled out an evaluation by following the instructions here.
You can find a list of your students who have completed the evaluation here

If you give credit for filling out an evaluation, you can use this guide to set up an assignment in Canvas that will automatically give them credit.

Note: There are multiple ways for a student to get into the course evaluations. The course evaluation system will only return a grade if the student clicked the link in your Canvas course.

If a student has not finished the evaluation for your course, clicking the link will let them evaluate your course and will tell Canvas that they have completed it.

If they have finished the evaluation for your course, clicking the link will tell Canvas that they have finished the evaluation for your course and will not make the student evaluate it again.

You can preview the evaluation with these links:

Campus Course Evaluation

Online Course Evaluation
No. Our system does not support custom questions from individual faculty.

If there is something about your course that you would like to measure, consider taking advantage of the SCOT Program or using a Canvas survey.

If you have a need for specific questions at a department level (for example, asking a few questions for every section of a particular course/series), please contact
You can access your results here or through the reports page (coming soon)

The results for each semester are released the day after grades are due. If five or fewer students have evaluated the course, we do not release the results in order to protect students' anonymity.
Reach out to us at
Below you will find solutions to the most common student problems. You can also send them this link to a student-focused FAQ:

My student says they clicked the link I sent them, but they don't see my class.

The link that we email out to students/teachers takes students to the evaluation system, but not to a specific class. The system will take them through their courses one at a time.

My student says that they can't access the evaluation.

There are two common reasons that a student can't access their course evaluations:

  1. The evaluation isn't open yet. If this is the case, the student will see a message stating that course evaluations are currently closed.
    Solution: Tell them to try again when evaluations are open.

  2. There has been an error with the sign-in process. If this is the case, the student will see one of many different error messages or will simply get a blank page when they click the link.
    Solution: The student needs to clear their cookies/cache or open the link in a new browser. If that doesn't work, have them contact