[PLEASE READ] This process does not apply to students who need to get Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for a class research project. For students who need IRB approval, please visit the Institutional Review Board (IRB) site.

This page describes the approval process to conduct research using BYU-Idaho students, employees, or existing institutional data. IRB approval is incorporated into this process. The process outlined below should be followed under the following circumstances:  

  • When individuals outside the university intend to conduct research with BYU-Idaho subjects or data.
  • When BYU-Idaho faculty wish to do research with subjects or data outside of their teaching area and with subjects other than their students.

The purpose of this process is to ensure projects are properly coordinated among stakeholders, to ensure projects are properly resourced, and to provide clarity for potential researchers on what is formally approved by the university. For questions or help with this process, email the university research approval coordinator

Research Approval Process  

The following checklist must be completed before you can start your research. The university research approval coordinator will keep a copy of this checklist for your project on file and will authorize you to begin your research once all items are submitted and approved. It is recommended that the items on the checklist be completed in sequential order.

  1. Submit a proposal for your research project. 
  2. Obtain approval for your research from appropriate stakeholders at BYU-Idaho. 
  3. Obtain IRB approval from your degree-granting institution (if applicable). Submit a copy of your signed IRB paperwork to the university research approval coordinator and the BYU-Idaho IRB office. 
  4. Obtain IRB approval and research clearance from the BYU-Idaho Office of Faculty Development and Mentored Research. Submit a copy of your approval letter to the university research approval coordinator.

Steps in Detail

  1. Submit a Proposal for Your Research Project

    Your first step is to inform the Executive Strategy & Planning department that you are interested in exploring a research project. Email a proposal to research@byui.edu that contains the following information:

• The purpose of your study.
• How the study will benefit the university.
• What data will be collected.
• What changes your study will make, if any, to the normal routine of students, instructors,
   staff, programs, offices, or courses at BYU-Idaho.

Your application will be reviewed by an assigned university research approval coordinator for completeness and clarity. The coordinator will also assist you with the remaining steps of the process as applicable to your project.

  1. Gain Stakeholder Approval

    The university research approval coordinator will submit your proposal to appropriate stakeholders at the university to review. Those designated will determine if the project has value to the university and whether the university should expend resources to aid in the completion of the project. Information about decisions on your proposal will be communicated to you through the university research approval coordinator.  You must first obtain stakeholder approval before beginning the BYU-Idaho IRB process.  The university research approval coordinator will alert the BYU-Idaho IRB office that your proposal has been approved. 
  1. Degree-Granting Institution IRB Approval (if applicable)

    If you are not affiliated with BYU-Idaho, your research must be approved by your institution’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), if applicable. A copy of the signed IRB approval should be submitted to the university research approval coordinator as well as the BYU-Idaho IRB office. Oftentimes, having IRB approval from the degree-granting institution will speed up the process for BYU-Idaho IRB approval. 
  1. BYU-Idaho IRB Approval and Research Clearance

    Obtain IRB approval from the BYU-Idaho Office of Faculty Development and Mentored Research to perform your research study. You must first obtain stakeholder approval before beginning the BYU-Idaho IRB process. The Institutional Review Board website contains information and links to resources for completing the BYU-Idaho IRB process. To submit a proposal for IRB review, complete the Online Registration Form for Faculty Projects. If you are an external researcher, simply provide the best email address for communication when requested to supply a BYU-Idaho email address. Once granted approval, provide a copy of the signed letter or approval email to the university research approval coordinator. 

Distribution of Results 

BYU-Idaho makes an investment in external research to produce findings that can help further the mission of the university. Sharing the data and project findings with BYU-Idaho is considered essential to the research partnership. The university research approval coordinator will determine with the researcher(s) on how to best share research data and findings. 

In general, the researcher may identify BYU-Idaho in the study unless, as identified through this approval process, the university has determined that to do so would undermine institutional integrity and protection of student or employee private information. 

Role of the university research approval coordinator 

The university research approval coordinator has the following responsibilities: 

  • Help researchers complete the approval processes as outlined.
  • Suggest effective ways for collecting data or assist with data collection where appropriate.
  • Coordinate updates and communication between BYU-Idaho and the researcher(s).
  • Assist with sharing findings with BYU-Idaho.