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Employee Engagement Survey Information

The President’s Executive Group has asked the offices of Human Resources and Institutional Research to develop and annually administer an employee engagement survey. This page has been created for employees who are interested in more details about the survey. Please contact Dylan Moses ( for further questions.

Purpose of Survey

The information gathered in this survey is used by BYU-Idaho leaders to improve the employee experience at BYU-Idaho and to benchmark current levels of engagement against both past and future surveys. The survey is to be sent to all BYU-Idaho full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and administrators via email. The Employee Engagement Survey does not take the place of the BYU-Idaho Faculty Association Survey.

Survey Design

This survey is separated into four sections: employee demographics, the Q12, the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), and open response answers; each provides differing insights. The demographic section includes questions about age, employee type, college/area, and gender. Each demographic question includes a “prefer not to answer” option. The Q12 and eNPS are both widely used industry standards for assessing employee engagement and satisfaction. The open-text response is meant for employees to provide any feedback they feel is important.

Anonymity and Data Access

Institutional Research uses Qualtrics to send individualized survey links to employee email accounts. Qualtrics tracks if employees access the survey but does not link survey responses to email accounts. This approach allows for survey security while also ensuring employee anonymity. No personal data is associated with an employee’s response (in other words, Qualtrics is set to not collect IP addresses, location data, etc.).

All open-text responses are read by the President’s Executive Group and the Office of Human Resources. College deans and managing directors have access to responses (including open-text responses) from their respective areas based on the information provided in the demographic section of the survey. Any disaggregation of responses to less than 10 employees is omitted from reports to preserve the anonymity of respondents. The annual report aggregating responses from across the university is made available to all employees and can be found below.

The BYU-Idaho 2023 Employee Engagement Survey was emailed to all BYU-Idaho full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and administrators on November 7 and closed on November 14. In total, 1,088 employees responded for a response rate of 65%.