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Outcomes and Assessments

Outcome statements describe the knowledge, skills, and attributes that students are expected to develop in a particular course or program of study. Assessments are used to evaluate the achievement of the desired outcomes. Together outcome statements and assessment results define what is meant by academic quality at BYU-Idaho.
Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.
Commonly called Pearson’s Law and attributed to Karl Pearson, and quoted often by President Thomas S. Monson
A horizontal image that maps out the process of program improvement for the Executive Strategy and Planning department at BYU-Idaho. The first stage is Course Outcomes, which is determined by all areas of an academic department. The second stage is Mapping, which is headed by the department chair. The third stage is Program Outcomes which align courses to overall academic program outcomes. The last stage is Program Review, which occurs every three years.