Dear Faculty,

This page has been created to provide BYU-I faculty with information about the course evaluation process. Because course evaluation data are important, we seek to improve the response rate of student evaluations as much as possible. We ask you to encourage students to evaluate their courses. Please contact with questions.

Thank you,

Ben Fryar

Managing Director, Institutional Research and Assessment

General Course Evaluation FAQ 

What questions are being asked? 

You can review the end-of-course evaluation questions. 

How are the results used? 

The primary purpose for collecting course evaluation data is to provide instructors with feedback about their course design and instructional approach. University leaders use the data to discover areas of potential concern, identify courses that appear to be particularly effective, and report aspects of institutional effectiveness.  

How do I get my evaluation data 

Our office will send you an email with a link to feedback shortly after the semester ends, or you can use the links to the right.