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Safety Training

Safety training information for the current training schedule and available materials used by BYU-Idaho’s departments and colleges.

Scheduled Training

CPR/AED | 3 rd Friday morning (8:30 - noon) of each month

First Aid | 3 rd Friday afternoon (1:00 - 4:00) of each month

Utility Vehicle Training (Gator & Cart) | 3rd Monday, 9-10 am and 3rd Tues, 3-4 pm

New Employee Fire Safety Training

New BYU-Idaho employees must complete the Fire Safety Training provided by the Safety Office. The training consists of a PowerPoint presentation followed by a short quiz. If you have problems with the presentation or quiz, contact the Safety Office at

Download the New Employee Safety Training

Utility Vehicle Training

Online and classroom training is required if you or your employee are to operate a campus vehicle and/or a utility vehicle, which includes Gators, Rangers, Hosting Carts, and any 4-wheeler campus vehicle.

Online training - please contact Kay Hilton, Fleet Services, at 208-496-2561 or Stephanie Kline, Risk Management EHS, at 208-496-5604. The online training MUST be completed prior to the classroom training with Stephanie Kline.

Classroom training – Utility Vehicle Training – is held monthly every 3rd Monday, 9-10 am and 3rd Tues, 3-4 pm (excluding holidays). When the online training is complete, your paperwork must be filled out, signed by your supervisor then taken to Fleet Services (Kay Hilton) where you will receive a blue permit. Once this is completed, contact Stephanie Kline to set up an appointment for the classroom training.

Other Safety Resources

Fire safety training for BYU-Idaho students and employees.
Safety permits for work and recreational activities.
Keep areas in compliance with safety codes and regulations.
Learn more about campus safety policies.