Become a BYU-Idaho Taste Tester!

Love to eat? Want to share your opinions? If you have a passion for eating, like to have fun, and you want to make a difference at BYU-Idaho, then we want you to join our taste testing panel! 

As a BYU-Idaho Taste-Tester, you'll try new food products and provide feedback on a variety of food attributes. We'll need your opinion on characteristics such as color, taste, texture, and aroma. Students and food manufacturers will analyze your feedback. You may even be financially compensated for some tests! 

Most tests are held on weekdays and last 5 to 10 minutes. 

Complete our 5-minute application and become a BYU-Idaho Taste Tester today! 

BYU-Idaho requires that all taste testers are at least 18 years of age, and do not have any existing food allergies. 

Along with your birthyear, our application also asks for your name, phone number, email address, and food preferences. Your information will determine which taste tests match your profile.

All information you provide to us will be kept confidential. We do not sell or give out your personal information. 

Facility Tour

Come visit our new taste-testing area located in the BYU-Idaho Science and Technology Center; room #270. We look forward to your participation!


"Doing taste tests for Food Science projects has been fun this semester. It has allowed me to try foods while focusing on things outside of simply taste. I never really looked at foods based on color, creaminess or how buttery something was before this semester."


"Being a taste tester was great. It was an interesting experience to be a part of and, hey! Free food, right? And I was actually doing a service. They really needed my taste-testing abilities to complete their projects."


"Taste testing was super fun. I'd do it again."


"Being a taste tester at BYUI has of course been super fun, but it's also been some great free food and a chance to share my opinions. 10 out of 10 would come again."


"Taste testing is always a fun experience. You get to taste fun foods and answer some questions about the product. The students running the panel are really nice and fun. I will do it again!"