If you are already a Food Science major, this webpage provides you with the resources and tools necessary to map out your courses, finalize your graduation plan, and help navigate your way through the Food Science program.

If you are just exploring the idea of majoring in Food Science, these tools will allow you to explore the course offerings and degree requirements of the major to see if it is the right choice for you.

Course Offerings

Click below to view the list of courses that are offered within the Food Science program. Be sure to reference this list while planning your semester course schedules – since not all of the courses are offered every semester.

Recommended Course Sequence

Here you will find recommended Food Science course sequences for each of the three tracks offered at BYU-Idaho. These documents will serve as guide as you develop your graduation plan, and will help ensure that all required classes are taken in an order that allows course prerequisites to be met as you progress towards graduation.

Course Sequence Options

University Academic Catalog

This catalog describes the academic policies and requirements for all degree programs on the BYU-I campus, and contains lists of courses offered in other majors (e.g., animal science, chemistry, business management, etc.) that may serve as possible elective courses for your major in Food Science.

Plan Your Major

If you need any help while planning or exploring your major, below are some additional links that can help.

Graduation Planner: This tool will help you plan out all your classes and develop an overall semester to semester plan to complete your Food Science degree.

Additional Resources: Access additional information related to majors, clusters, and minors for help in planning your major.

Contact an Advisor or your Faculty Mentor: If you have specific questions about your major or would need other personal guidance, there are individuals that can directly assist you.