Online Tutoring resources are available to students enrolled in PathwayConnect or BYU-Idaho Online courses. Depending on the course, availability varies. To determine availability and for instructions on accessing tutoring resources, please review the following categories.

PathwayConnect & Ensign College Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for all students enrolled in PathwayConnect and Ensign College Courses. This includes PathwayConnect foundation courses (PC 101/L, 102/L, 103/L), as well as some gateway certificate courses (e.g. BUSPC 115, CSPC 101, CITBC 102). The following link shows the steps for accessing PathwayConnect Tutoring: PathwayConnect Tutoring Guide

Online Course Tutoring

Online tutoring is also available to all students enrolled in BYU-I online courses. This includes BYU-I campus and online students, as well as Pathway Worldwide Online Students who have completed the Pathway-Connect program. The following link shows the steps for accessing online course tutoring: Online Course Tutoring Guide

Additional Tutoring Resources

Students enrolled in online courses can also access the following tutoring resources:

  • Math Center: (For students enrolled in math courses, as well as PC 101 and PC 102) : To access the Math Center, please follow the instructions on the math tutoring page.
  • Writing Center: To access and schedule writing assistance, (get help writing a paper) follow the instructions on the writing center page.
  • Presentation Practice Center: To access help writing, outline, and presenting speeches, please follow the instructions on the presentation practice center page.

Necessary Tools for Online Tutoring

To participate in online tutoring, you will need to have the following resources:

  • A computer with a microphone and speakers (headset)
  • High speed internet
  • A webcam (recommended)

Please note: Please make sure that your time zone is set correctly on your computer. The system will automatically update the tutoring times to match your time zone. For assistance in doing this, please view the following video link.

Contact Us

For any questions about online tutoring availability or issues, please contact the Online Tutoring Center at