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Communication Department Societies

Employers often require that their communication team members have a degree in the field; something that will help you distinguish yourself from other entry-level employees is membership and active participation in extra-curricular activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning in your coursework. This page outlines opportunities you might consider as you look to build your résumé and portfolio.

American Advertising Federation (AAF)


Beth Hendricks

Faculty adviser:

Beth Hendricks - Communication Faculty
Office: 235 SPO
Phone: (208) 496-3704

Facebook page:

Broadcast Society


Brian Howard

Faculty adviser:

Brian Howard - Communication Faculty
Office: 229A SPO
Phone: 208-496-3707

Organizational Society

Eric Embree

Faculty adviser:

Eric Embree - Communication Faculty
Office: 233 SPORI Building
Phone: 208-496-3701

Visual Society

James Rognon

Faculty adviser:

James Rognon - Communication Faculty
Office: 365 SMI
Phone: 208-496-3687

Society Website


Ward Hicks

Faculty adviser:

Ward Hicks - Communication Faculty
Office: 225 SPORI Building
Phone: 208-496-3705