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Communication Department Societies

Employers often require that their communication team members have a degree in the field; something that will help you distinguish yourself from other entry-level employees is membership and active participation in extra-curricular activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning in your coursework. This page outlines opportunities you might consider as you look to build your résumé and portfolio.

American Advertising Federation

The BYU-Idaho chapter of the American Advertising Federation helps students hone advertising knowledge and skills and guides them through advertising curriculum and job placement.

As members, students will attend professional conferences and receive help to enter creative, design, photography and advertising competitions. BYU-Idaho’s chapter of AAF participates in a regional competition each year. This competition and other conferences provide an opportunity for students to network and create professional relationships.

To add this course, Comm. 397R-05 (available during the fall and winter semesters only), students must have completed an introductory course in advertising, public relations, marketing or graphic design. Please contact the instructor to be added.

AAF meets Tuesday and Thursday from 1:15 to 1:45 p.m. Students may pay for national membership, which is $55 a year, but to be in the class, there is no charge beyond tuition. Campus jobs are not available through AAF, but students can earn one practicum credit through participation.

The following volunteer positions are available to AAF members: creative directors, public relations directors, research directors, media buyers and planners, and strategic directors.

Beth Hendricks

Faculty adviser:

Beth Hendricks

Chapter President:

Jesse Fortenberry, who can be reached at jesse.fortenberry@gmail.com

Website: http://www.byui.edu/communication/aaf
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/467177040046476/

Broadcast Society


Brian HowardFaculty Adviser

Brian Howard - Communication Faculty
Office: 249 SPO
Phone: 208-496-3707<br/Link to Contact Info

Organizational Society

Eric EmbreeFaculty Adviser

Eric Embree - Communication Faculty
Office: 233 SPORI Building
Phone: 208-496-3701

Link to Contact Info


Caryn EsplinFaculty Adviser

Caryn Esplin - Communication Faculty
Office: 231 SPORI Building
Phone: 208-496-3702

Link to Contact Info
Society Website www.byuiphotographics.com


Ward HicksFaculty Adviser

Ward Hicks - Communication Faculty
Office: 225 SPORI Building
Phone: 208-496-3705

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