Outdoor Resource Center

About the ORC

The Outdoor Resource Center (ORC) is an auxiliary organization located on the campus of BYU-Idaho that serves the needs of students, employees and community members. The Outdoor Resource Center is committed to the vision of giving people affordable access to outdoor activities through rentals and sales. Whether you're looking to rent some big equipment or just looking for an idea of where to plan your next outing, the ORC has what you need to explore Southeast Idaho. The ORC has equipment for all kinds of outdoor adventures: from camping to kayaking, rock climbing to cross country skiing. The ORC also provides maintenance on skis, snowboards, bikes and other items.

The ORC has implemented new rental policies and pricing structures. The details of the changes are:

  • Rentals are charged per business day, i.e- a rental from Monday-Tuesday would be 2 days.
  • Rental picked up after 4pm on the first day are pro-rated for that day.
  • Saturday-Monday Rentals are billed at 2 days unless prorated as noted above.
  • Rentals are due by close on the last day of the rental period.
  • Late fees apply to equipment returned after the due date.
  • No refunds for early returns--
  • The group rate is defined as renting 6 or more similar items and get a 15% discount. Some exclusions apply.
  • Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance. No same day reservations will be made.

Generally, the overall rental prices at the ORC have gone down for those customers renting and returning in the same day. Some prices have increased over last year. Prorated prices are the same or close to previous prices. A canoe picked up after 4 pm on the 1st business day and returned the next day is $20. Where the 2 day price is $25.

ORC Announcements 

The ORC will be receiving a few more single sit on tops kayaks for the summer at the end of June. In case you haven't heard about it yet check out our new group game call 9 Square in the Air. If you are not familiar with this game do a quick internet search and see the fun that this game is for all ages.