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Climbing Rentals
Harness, chalk bags, and helmets are great for indoor and outdoor use
Chalk Bag
$2.00: One Day 
$1.25: Additional Days
Climbing Harness
$8.00: One Day 
$6.00: Additional Days
Climbing Helmet
$4.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
Climbing Shoe
$8.00: One Day 
$4.00: Additional Days
Crash Pad
$10.00: One Day 
$5.00: Additional Days
Vertical Ice Crampon
$15.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days
Vertical Ice Tools (Per Tool)
$15.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days
10 Point Crampon
$10.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days
Ice Climbing Pkg
$25.00: One Day 
$15.00: Additional Days
  • Package includes harness, boots, ice tools and helmet
Mountaineering Pkg
$15.00: One Day 
$8.00: Additional Days
  • Package includes helmet,  mountaineering ice axe and crampon