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Games & Sports Equipment Rentals

New Rentals

Portable Miniature Golf
Coming Spring 2024

  • More details and pricing to follow
4 Way Volley Ball
$12.00: One Day 
$9.00: Additional Days

  • A simple mix of classic 4 square rules combined with volleyball in a 4-way court
  • Players will rotate through the court during the game to score points
  • Indoor or outdoor play possible
Hover Ball-Archery Shoot
$30.00: 1st hour
$20.00: Each Additional Hour

  • Archery Target Shooting
  • Shoot Floating Balls with arrows
Stick-it Safe Archery
$20.00: One Day
$12.00: Additional Days
  • Safe Target Shooting
  • Use velcro tipped arrow for targets
  • Great for all ages
Archery Tag
Archery Tag Bows and Arrows
$40.00: 1st hour
$30.00: Each Additional Hour

Archery Tag Bunkers
$30.00: 1st hour
$25.00: Each Additional Hour

See below for details -- Click here for waiver

  • Recommended Minimum Age 12
  • Tag with Bows and Soft Tip Arrows
  • By appointment-Schedule by calling the ORC
  • The ORC will bring the kit to you or you can come to us. 
  • 48hrs advance notice--Prepay at the ORC
  • Participants must sign a Waiver-Assumption of Risk Form
  • Safety Guidelines
Pickle Ball Paddles/Balls
$10.00: One Day 
$6.00: Additional Days

  • Graphite Carbon Fiber Face
  • Honeycomb Composite Core
  • USAPA Approved: Qualified for Sanctioned Tournament Play
  • Premium Grip, Perfect Hand Size & Wider Sweet Spot
  • Comes with 2 paddles and 2 balls
Paint Ball -- New Spring 2021
$25.00: Per Person--150 Rounds
$5.00: Each additional 50 Rounds

Paint Ball is by appointment. See below for details -- Click here for waiver

  • Minimum Age 14
  • By Appointment -- Schedule by calling the ORC
  • Maximum number of participants -- 50
  • Minimum Number of participants -- 10
  • Location dependent - BYU-Idaho Facility or other locations by request
  • 48hrs Advance Notice-Prepay at the ORC
  • 150 Rounds/Person included

Participants must sign an Assumption of Risk, Indemnification Agreement and read the Safety Guidelines.
Floating Dock
$25.00: One Day
$16.00: Additional Days

  • 10x10 high-pressure floating dock
  • Comes with mushroom anchor
  • Great for haning out on the water
  • Room for large groups
  • Tie downs for cooler
  • Handles to aid in getting back on
Kan Jam
$7.00: One Day
$4.00: Additional Days

  • Frisbee game
  • Can be play almost anywhere
  • Great for players of any age or skill level

How to play
Kan Jam Hard Count
$7.00: One Day
$4.00: Additional Days

  • The Ultimate Combination of Kan Jam and Football!
  • Play with 2 teams of 2,3,4 or more
  • Fast-Paced, Easy to Learn, Quick Set‐up
  • Pass, Catch, Score…on a 20 yd. field or larger after school, at the park, beach, campus, and tailgate
Giant Inflatable Soccer Dart
$22.00: One Day
$14.00: Additional Days

  • Darts with velcro soccer balls
  • Target is 15’ tall
  • Comes with a blower to provide constant pressure
Giant Jenga
$4.00: One Day
$3.00: Additional Days
Kuub (Viking Chess)
$4.00: One Day
$3.00: Additional Days

  • Described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes.
  • Play takes place on a small rectangular playing field,
  • Kubbs" are placed at both ends of the field, and the "king", is placed in the middle
  • Objective of the game is to knock over the "kuubs" on the opposing side of the field and then to knock over the "king" before the opponent does
  • Can be played on a variety of surfaces, such as grass, sand, concrete, snow, or even ice
Paddle Smash
$7.00: One Day
$4.00: Additional

  • Spike Ball meets pickleball

How to play

Regular Favorites

Bocce Ball
$5.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
Disc Golf Discs
$3.00: One Day 
$2.00: Additional Days
Flag Football
$10.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days
Giant Twister Game
$15.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days
$3.00: One Day 
$2.00: Additional Days
Spike Ball
$4.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
$4.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
Volleyball Net
$15.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days
$12.00: One Day 
$9.00: Additional Days

Watch Sandboarding Demo
Tug-O'-War Ropes
$8.00: One Day
$6.00: Additional Days

  • 30-50 ft long
$5.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days

  • 10-foot diameter
Giant Slip n' Slide
$30.00: One Day 
$18.00: Additional Days

  • 10x50 feet long
Bumper Balls
$15.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days

  • Cost is per bumper ball

Watch Bumper Ball Demo
Floating Water Mat
$25.00: One Day 
$16.00: Additional Days

  • 18' Long
  • Rigid Inflatable
  • Comes with Anchors
Portable Climbing Wall
$50.00: Per Hour

  • 32 feet tall
  • 4 climbers at once
  • $15 transportation fee outside city limits
  • $1/mile round trip outside Madison County
Slack Line
$9.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days

  • 50 meters
  • Comes with crank
$10.00: One Day 
$6.00: Additional Days

  • Bean bag toss game 
  • Comes with bean bags and targets
Pinewood Derby Track
$20.00: One Day 
$15.00: Additional Days

  • 4 lane track
9 Square in the Air
$25.00: One Day 
$18.00: Additional Days

    Watch 9 Square Demo