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Miniture Golf - March 2024
Mobile Miniature Golf
9 Hole Portable Mini Golf by appointment


Can play groups of up to 40+ people an hour, depending on age.
Includes 9 holes with obstacles and challenges.
4 Way Volley Ball.png
4 Way Volley Ball
$14.00: One Day 
$8.00: Additional Days

A simple mix of classic 4 square rules combined with volleyball in a 4-way court.
Players will rotate through the court during the game to score points.
Indoor or outdoor play possible.
Hover Ball-Archery Shoot.png
Hover Ball-Archery Shoot
$35.00: One Day
$21.00: Each Additional Day

Archery Target Shooting.
Shoot Floating Balls with arrows.
Stick-it Safe Archery.png
Stick-it Safe Archery
$25.00: One Day
$15.00: Additional Days

Safe Target Shooting.
Use velcro tipped arrow for targets.
Great for all ages.
Archery Tag.png
Archery Tag
Archery Tag Bows and Arrows
$46.00: One Day
$28.00: Each Additional Day

Archery Tag Bunkers
$35.00: 1st hour
$21.00: Each Additional Hour

See below for details -- Click here for waiver

Recommended Minimum Age 12.
Tag with Bows and Soft Tip Arrows.
By appointment-Schedule by calling the ORC.
Safety Guidelines
Pickle Ball Paddles and Balls.png
Pickle Ball Paddles/Balls
$12.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days

Graphite Carbon Fiber Face.
Honeycomb Composite Core.
USAPA Approved: Qualified for Sanctioned Tournament Play.
Premium Grip, Perfect Hand Size & Wider Sweet Spot.
Comes with 2 paddles and 2 balls.
Paint Ball
$30.00: Per Person--150 Rounds
$5.00: Each additional 50 Rounds

Paint Ball is by appointment. See below for details -- Click here for waiver

Minimum Age 14.
By Appointment -- Schedule by calling the ORC.
Maximum number of participants -- 50.
Minimum Number of participants -- 10.
Location dependent - BYU-Idaho Facility or other locations by request.
48hrs Advance Notice-Prepay at the ORC.
150 Rounds/Person included.

Participants must sign an Assumption of Risk, Indemnification Agreement and read the Safety Guidelines.
Floating Dock.png
Floating Dock
$29.00: One Day
$17.00: Additional Days

10x10 high-pressure floating dock.
Comes with mushroom anchor.
Great for haning out on the water.
Room for large groups.
Tie downs for cooler.
Handles to aid in getting back on.
Kan Jam.png
Kan Jam
$8.00: One Day
$5.00: Additional Days

Frisbee game.
Can be played almost anywhere.
Great for players of any age or skill level.

How to play
Kan Jam Hard Count.png
Kan Jam Hard Count
$8.00: One Day
$5.00: Additional Days

The Ultimate Combination of Kan Jam and Football!
Play with 2 teams of 2,3,4 or more.
Fast-Paced, Easy to Learn, Quick Set‐up.
Pass, Catch, Score…on a 20 yd. field or larger after school, at the park, beach, campus, and tailgate.
Giant Inflatable Soccer Dart.png
Giant Inflatable Soccer Dart
$25.00: One Day
$15.00: Additional Days

Darts with velcro soccer balls.
Target is 15’ tall.
Comes with a blower to provide constant pressure.
Giant Jenga.png
Giant Jenga
$5.00: One Day
$3.00: Additional Days
Kuub Viking Chess.png
Kuub (Viking Chess)
$5.00: One Day
$3.00: Additional Days

Described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes.
Play takes place on a small rectangular playing field.
"Kuubs" are placed at both ends of the field, and the "King," is placed in the middle.
Objective of the game is to knock over the "kuubs" on the opposing side of the field and then to knock over the "king" before the opponent does.
Can be played on a variety of surfaces, such as grass, sand, concrete, snow, or even ice.
Paddle Smash.png
Paddle Smash
$8.00: One Day
$5.00: Additional

Spike Ball meets pickleball.

How to play

Regular Favorites

Bocce Ball
$6.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
Disc Golf Discs
$3.00: One Day 
$2.00: Additional Days
Flag Football
$12.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days
Giant Twister Game
$17.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days
  • 25x25 feet
$3.00: One Day 
$2.00: Additional Days
  • per ball
Spike Ball
$5.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
$17.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days
  • Net and ball
Basket Pong
$9.00: One Day 
$6.00: Additional Days
$14.00: One Day 
$8.00: Additional Days

Watch Sandboarding Demo
Tug-O'-War Ropes
$9.00: One Day
$6.00: Additional Days

  • 30-50 ft long
$6.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days

  • 10-foot diameter
Giant Slip n' Slide
$35.00: One Day 
$21.00: Additional Days

  • 10x50 feet long
Bumper Balls
$17.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days

  • Cost is per bumper ball

Watch Bumper Ball Demo
Floating Water Mat
$29.00: One Day 
$17.00: Additional Days

  • 18' Long, 5' Wide
  • Rigid Inflatable
  • Comes with Anchors
Portable Climbing Wall
$75.00: First Hour
$50.00: Per Hour

  • By appointment
  • 32 feet tall
  • Four climbers at once
  • There is no transportation fee within Madison County
  • $1.25/mile round trip outside of Madison County
Slack Line
$10.00: One Day 
$6.00: Additional Days

  • 50 meters
  • Comes with crank
$12.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days

  • Bean bag toss game 
  • Comes with bean bags and targets
Pinewood Derby Track
$23.00: One Day 
$14.00: Additional Days

  • 4 lane track
9 Square in the Air
$29.00: One Day 
$17.00: Additional Days

    Watch 9 Square Demo