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ORC Explore Rexburg
Rexburg, Idaho offers BYU-Idaho students many summer and winter outdoor activities. Learn how to be safe and responsible while still having fun.
A group rafting down a river with a big splash of a wave comes over the front of the boat.
Discover trails, rock climbing, skiing, and biking and hiking trails. The ORC has a large selection of outdoor equipment for any activity you choose.

Be Safe, Responsible, Lawful, and Respectful

Keep yourself and others safe with these important guidelines.
Check conditions before joining an outdoor activity. Determine where you are going and when you will be back.

Look up weather forecasts, fire warnings, water levels, road closures, driving conditions, and amenity access to campsites and other attractions.
Respect flora and fauna by staying on designated trails and camp sites. Find out where you can camp and recreate before you leave. Rock, sand, and gravel are all durable surfaces. Keep all campsites clean.
Dispose of all waste in designated receptacles. Trash and other waste harm wildlife and the environment, so don’t leave it behind.
Observe, don’t disturb. Leave all artifacts, plants, and animals alone. Pick up any trash.
Keep all fire in designated fire areas. Make sure fires are completely extinguished before leaving.
Burn only firewood, not pallets or other items that leave nails behind, damage natural habitats, and cause injury to others. Exercise caution and comply with laws and posted regulations regarding fire-causing fireworks, ammunition, and exploding targets.
Do not disturb wildlife.
Yield to animals on trails and roadways. Stay at least 100 yards from bears and wolves and 25 yards from all other animals—including bison and elk. Travel quietly. Do not pursue, feed, or force animals to flee.
Ensure others can enjoy their outings by following local area guidelines. Keep lights, noise, and music low. Consider how your actions affect how someone else can enjoy the outdoors.
Be aware of and follow public land laws wherever you are—nationalstatelocal parksnational forests, and Bureau of Land Management lands.
If you rent a watercraft from the ORC, you will be issued a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Even experienced recreationists should wear a Personal Flotation Device (PDF)—it can save your life. Regional waterways are cold, fast, and unpredictable.
Check water levels, temperatures, and weather forecasts before an activity. Know where diversion dams are on waterways. They cause difficulties for boaters and swimmers. Decide where you will go and when you will be back.
Travel slow. Roads are icy during the winter months, even if they don’t appear to be. Check weather and road conditions. Winterize your vehicle. Bring layered clothing, an emergency supply kit, food, and water. Be prepared for avalanches and extreme conditions in the back country.