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Cookware & Fuel Rentals


Backpacking Bakeware.png
Backpacking Bakeware
$2.00: One Day 
$1.00: Additional Days

High-temperature cookware.
Designed to make baking while backpacking possible.
Backpacking Pots.png
Backpacking Pots
$3.00: One Day 
$2.00: Additional Days
Mess Kit.png
Mess Kit-Cup/Bowl/Utensil
$5.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days
Roasting Stick.png
Roasting Stick
$2.00: One Day 
$1.00: Additional Days
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter.png
Coal Cooker/Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
$3.00: One Day 
$2.00: Additional Days
Dutch Oven.png
Dutch Oven
$10.00: One Day 
$6.00: Additional Days
Backpacking Stove.png
Backpack Stove
$7.00: One Day
$4.00: Additional Days

MSR Brand.
White gas and butane options.
Blaster Stove
$10.00: One Day
$6.00: Additional Days

High BTU stove made for boiling water quickly.
Great for river running.
Large Camp Stove.png
Large Camp Stove
$17.00: One Day
$10.00: Additional Days

2 burner cook stove and 6 burner partner steel stove.
Great for car camping and outdoor activities.
Medium Camp Stove.png
2 Burner Propane Stove
$10.00: One Day
$6.00: Additional Days

Runs on 1 lb propane cylinder.
Small car camping stove.
Commercial Grill.png
Commercial Grill
$35.00: One Day
$21.00: Additional Days

Large commercial BBQ grill.
Runs on propane.
Can cook 20-30 hamburgers at once.
Fire Pan w/Lid
$10.00: One Day
$6.00: Additional Days

Most western rivers require a fire pan for river running.
Elevated cooking surface with integrated grill.


White Gas Fuel
$3.00: One Day
$2.00: Additional Days

-22 oz fuel bottle
20lb Propane Cylinder
$6.00: One Day
$3.00: Additional Days