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Junior Rentals
Easy Wedge
$1.00: One Day 
$1.00: Additional Days

  • Ski training wedge for ski tips
  • Helps young skiers keep the tips together
JR Alpine Ski Pkg
$21.00: One Day 
$12.00: Additional Days

  • Lighter and more powerful performance
  • Good in all winter snow conditions
  • Package includes boots and pole
  • Jr ski packages include a snow sport helmet
JR Nordic XC Pkg
$12.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days

  • User-friendly waxless touring ski
  • Smaller more accessible sizes allow for increased maneuverability and control
  • Good in all winter snow conditions
JR Snow Helmet
$6.00: One Day 
$4.00: Additional Days
JR Snowboard Pkg
$17.00: One Day 
$10.00: Additional Days

  • Good for all winter snow conditions
  • Comes with binding
  • Jr. snowboard packages include a snowsport helmet
JR Snowshoes
$7.00: One Day 
$5.00: Additional Days

  • Full adjustable bindings
  • Crampons on bottom for improved grip
  • Good for all snow conditions
Ski Trainer Harness
$6.00: One Day 
$3.00: Additional Days

  • Harness helps steer, control speed, and guide beginning skiers
Tow-Behind Nordic Sled
$10.00: One Day 
$7.00: Additional Days

  • Helps transport all your outdoor juniors in winter snow conditions