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Repairs & Services
We offer services for gear such as bicycles, snowboards, and ski repair.
Repairs Offered
Give us a call and ask us about non-listed repairs and services. We can do some gear repair and other fixes on your equipment.
Bike Repairs & Services
Ski & Snowboard Repairs & Services
Bike Repairs & Services
Ski & Snowboard Repairs & Services
Bike Repairs & Services
Ski & Snowboard Repairs & Services

Bike Repairs & Services

Have bike problems? Bring your bike to the ORC and we can help repair it. Whether it's a regular tune-up or a major issue, our highly-experienced staff is ready to help get you back on the road or the trail as soon as possible. Our bike repair services are limited to students, employees, and their dependants of BYU-Idaho.

We reserve the right to refuse service on any bike deemed not worth the cost to fix it.

Bike Tune-Up Special:Bike Repairs & ServicesPrice
March 4th-15th
$30 (parts extra and additional labor charges may apply)
Basic service only
Full Tune$40
Wheel Tune$12
Basic Bike TuneSpoke Replacement$10
  • Check & Inflate Tires
Cassette/FW Install$10
  • Adjust Shifters
Brake Adjustment$10
  • Adjust brakes-(doesn't include bleeding hydraulic disc brakes)
Disk Rotor/Pad Install$6
  • Clean/Lube Drivetrain
Derailleur/Shifter Adjustment$10
  • Check hubs, bottom bracket, & headset
Derailleur Hanger Alignment$10
Install Deraillieur$10
Headset Adjustment$10
Hub Rebuild$20
Hub Adjustment$10
Chain Install$8
Change Tube$5
Cleaning Fee$25
Bleed Brakes/Wheel$20
Misc Labor Charge$20
Shop Rate Per Hour$15

*Any additional labor and parts needed during the Spring Tune-Up Special will cost extra. For additional labor costs see the normal repairs and services chart on the right.

Ski & Snowboard Repairs & Services

Don't put those skis away without a little TLC. Bring them to the ORC for a complete tune and wax. Excludes excessive base repair and damage. Good until April 15th.

Get ready for winter! Bring your skis or snowboard into the ORC for a complete tune-up and wax. Other services we offer are binding tests, base repairs, top sheet work, and more.

The ORC is now set up to do complete tunes, base repair, structuring, flattening, side edge, and base edge sharpening. Come in today for a complete service and get those skis back up to top-notch.

The ORC is now able to mount or remount Alpine Bindings for most of the current major models and manufacturers.

End-of-Season Ski and Board Tune-Up Special:

March 25th – April 5th


Edge sharpening, structuring, minor base repair, storage wax

Ski/Snowboard RepairsPrice
Basic Tune (Base clean, side/base edge sharpening, hand wax, no base work)$25
Quick Tune (Base Flattening, base structuring, base/side edge sharpening, hand wax- No base repairs)$35
Minor Tune (Minor base repairs, base flattening, base structure, base/side edge sharpening, hand wax)$40
Major Tune (Major base repair (excludes core shots/base welds), base flattening, base structure, base/side edge sharpening, hand wax)$45
Core Shot/Base Welding (up to 5" of damage for the first $15 dollars)$15+

Other Services

Binding Mounting PriceWaxing (Same day service available)Price
Nordic Binding Mounting$25Machine Wax$8
Telemark Binding Mounting$30Hand Wax$12
Alpine Binding Mounting$40
Alpine Touring Binding Mount$40
Ski Binding Adjustment$15
Snowboard Binding Mount$20