Review your paper with a tutor via Skype

Use the chat feature above to request a Skype (live) session with a writing tutor. To download Skype for free click here Skype Download. You can also contact us at 208.496.4288 or at

Our online drop in hours are 9:00am-9pm Mountain Time, Monday-Friday (except Tuesday and Thursday 2:00-3:00).

Note: This service is for online BYU-Idaho and Pathway students only. Also, because of large numbers of online students, we ask that instructors do not require or provide special incentives to students for using the service.

Please have your paper ready to upload, as well as specific questions or concerns you would like to address.

Note: In order to emphasize tutoring as a peer-to-peer learning opportunity, we are no longer giving feedback via email. Also, keep in mind that the tutor is not a "fix-it" person who will go through your paper and fix editing errors; instead, tutors offer suggestions and explanations of key writing principles as they relate to your work. Always follow the advice of your instructor and remember that the paper is yours; you must take responsibility for the suggested revisions you choose to incorporate in your final draft.

Instructional videos

Click here to view instructional videos on the most common writing challenges.