David O. McKay Library 290
2nd floor. East Wing
(208) 496-4290

Online and Pathway Students

The Reading Center welcomes all students who seek to increase their textbook and college reading skills. Many students come to the Reading Center to work with our trained tutors on improving vocabulary and phonetic skills, reading fluency, textbook comprehension, and reading efficiency and advanced comprehension. Our tutors help international students read and understand their textbooks. Also, they have been trained to assist students with disabilities.
We strive to have the latest reading technology and are currently using the Kurzweil program--A new reading-assistance computer program. The Reading Center offers one-on-one help to any student who seeks our assistance.

BYU-Idaho Reading Center Mission Statement

  1. Provide assessment testing for students seeking to improve their reading.
  2. Improve basic reading skills through teaching and tutoring.
  3. Teach college textbook reading strategies and assist in teaching basic writing skills.
  4. Maintain a comfortable, helpful, and safe environment for international students, and students with reading disabilities and comprehension problems.
  5. Train college reading tutors.
  6. Support the BYU-Idaho Faculty and Administration.

Current Reading Center Goals are Two-fold

  1. Help students master basic reading skill.
    • Woodcock Mastery test scores indicate that Reading Center students' reading comprehension has improved.
    • Student evaluations of the Reading Center indicate that students are feeling more independent and successful when they read.
  2. Supplement Classroom Instruction.
    • Student evaluations indicate that students who come to the Reading Center for help to understand their textbooks are more successful in their classes.
    • More students are using the Kurzweil (New computer aided reading assistance) and tutors for help taking tests.
    • Faculty referrals have increased. Usually these referrals are made to Red Taylor (Director for Student Disabilities), who then refers students to the Reading Center.

"It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish."

S.I. Hayakawa