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Mentoring, Internships, and Careers

Mentors help students plan future careers by obtaining internships through career exploration, student workshops, and other tools.

Helping Students Find Internships

BYU-Idaho Career Center. Student handing out her resume.

Mentors have the option to use their professional contacts and resources to help students find internships. Additionally, students have access to resources provided by the Career Center that teach how to use LinkedIn and BYU-I Connect to find their own professional contacts. You can direct students to the Finding an Internship webpage or Handshake to find companies recruiting students, specifically from BYU-Idaho, for internships and jobs.

Because each academic college and department has different internship requirements, faculty and employees are not expected to know the internship requirements for each student. The ICS Office is prepared to help students find internships and assist them during the entire internship approval process.

BYU-Idaho's Handshake tool allows students to find internships and jobs with companies who want to employ BYU-Idaho students and/or alumni. Encourage students to utilize this valuable resource.

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Internship Approval Form
All internships at BYU-Idaho must go through the approval system in I-Plan. Once the student has received approval from the faculty internship coordinator and the employer, the student must register for the internship course in order to receive academic credit.

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Internship Service Missionaries
Internship Service Missionaries are available to help students connect with employers and internship providers. They are located in the Career Center and various U.S. cities.

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