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Mentoring & Student Honor

Strengthen students' resolve to follow the Savior by instilling shared values and upholding academic integrity.
Through starting effective conversations with students, inviting them to live the Honor Code, and following up with them, mentors can help strengthen students' understanding of the Honor Code.
Honor Office-Aug 2018

Teaching Shared Values

When starting a conversation about the Honor Code, there are three important principles to keep in mind that can help students have a positive experience: Initiate, Invite, and Follow Up.
Principle 1: Initiate
Initiate a conversation with the student, and be clear about the concern
  • Treat and listen to the student as a seeker of truth and as someone who keeps their commitments
  • Ask the student to share with you why the values represented in the Honor Code are important
Principle 2: Invite
Invite the student to fulfill their commitment to the Honor Code
  • Teach them how upholding these principles will go beyond their time here as a student
  • Help the student to see the benefits and blessings of following the Honor Code
Principle 3: Follow Up
Follow up and continue to encourage the student
  • Listen and consider what the student said that may further their commitment and soften their heart
  • Support and guide the student in their efforts of discipleship