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Who Can I Mentor?

Mentors identify students in need of support through the Mentoring Dashboard and spot at-risk identifiers.
Mentoring looking across a table at a student they are helping

Identifying Students Who Need Help

Through researching student behavior and success rates, at-risk student categories were created to help mentors identify students who are at risk of dropping out and not finishing their degrees.

Often, students who are at-risk show surface signals that they are struggling. However, the underlying causes are more difficult to identify. With this in mind, the Mentoring Dashboard was created to help mentors easily identify students who may need additional help and support in their academic and personal lives.

Mentoring Resources

Surface signals are often the outward manifestation of an underlying cause.
The Mentoring Dashboard helps mentors identify at-risk students and connect them to on-campus resources.
Mentors can assess and categorize students' at-risk levels.
Design and Construction Management students build a full size playhouse
All faculty and employees are encouraged to focus on the students they interact with on a daily basis, follow the Spirit, and do what they can to help them.
Learn how to identify surface signals in at-risk students and assess common underlying causes.