Review the guidelines for On-Campus and Off-Campus to create your own marketing material. Whenever possible, use On-Campus Templates when creating media for on campus. View merchandise channels in the Merchandise Library.

Marketing Channel Guidelines

Off-Campus Branding Guidelines

There are no templates avaliable for Off-Campus use. Use these guidelines to create anything that is not advertised on campus.

On-Campus Marketing Channels

Use these guidelines to create on-campus media that is not available in On-Campus Templates.

On-Campus Marketing Channel Templates

Office Communication

Limited Channels

If you are interested in using one of the following channels, you need to contact your University Communications contact to request the use of the channel.

University Communication Contacts

Type of Request Contact
Video Requests Will Gierke
Website Support Ben Yates
Graduation Courtney Tucker

Represented Areas Contact
Academic Administration Courtney Tucker
Academic Departments Courtney Tucker
Academic Support Centers Megan Luthy
Activities Megan Luthy
Admissions Will Gierke
Advising Courtney Tucker
Auxiliary Services Will Gierke
BSC Vance King
Career Center Will Gierke
Executive Office Vance King
Executive Planning & Strategy Vance King
Facilities Will Gierke
Financial Services Will Gierke
Housing & Student Living Will Gierke
Human Resources Megan Luthy
Information Technology Vance King
Learning Innovation/FTC Courtney Tucker
McKay Library Megan Luthy
Online Vance King
PEG Vance King
Performing & Visual Arts Courtney Tucker
Spori Art Gallery Megan Luthy
Student Life Megan Luthy
Student Records & Reg Courtney Tucker
Student Support Megan Luthy
Student Well-being Megan Luthy
University Relations Vance King
University Resources Will Gierke