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Font Use Guidelines

Appropriate use of approved BYU-Idaho fonts for on-campus, off-campus, and mixed-audience publications.
Two examples of approved on-campus and off-campus brand font use are of a barbershop music festival poster (off-campus example) and a Remember to Respect Others poster (on-campus example).
On-campus publications include official campus communication channels, like DSN screens, flyers, posters, etc.

Informal: Campus communication that remains on campus and is not speaking for or advertising on behalf of the university as a whole, can use any font that feels appropriate (e.g., The Juggling Workshop).

Official: Campus communication that speaks for or leverages the authority of the university must use the official brand fonts.

Image Caption: The “Barbershop Music Festival” poster is informal. The “Remember: Respect Others” poster is official.
Two examples of approved off-campus advertising display a Teach Online poster and an 8-Step Guide poster. Both examples have different designs, but use of color, logo placement, and fonts allow the posters to feel like they are both from the same organization.
Off-campus publications include web ads, social media, local bulletin boards, mailers, emails to external audiences, etc. It encompasses any communication in which the target audience is not students, staff, or faculty.

Informal: In most cases, the use of the brand fonts is still appropriate because it represents the university to outside audiences. A few exceptions have been granted to use non-brand fonts in their off-campus communications (e.g., Performance Tours). Always correspond with University Relations for verification when producing communications or merchandise intended for an off-campus audience.

Official: This includes off-campus communication that speaks for or leverages the authority of the university and must use official brand fonts.

Image Caption: Two examples of off-campus, official advertising. Notice how the styles are different but feel like they are from the same organization.
An example font use on two mixed audience publications include a graduation commencement program and BYU-Idaho Virtual Campus Day.
Both On and Off-Campus or Mixed Audience
Campaigns using both campus channels and external channels must follow off-campus guidelines for the entire campaign, or create two versions of the campaign (though this is not recommended).

Image Caption: Commencement is a good example of a mixed audience of students, faculty, staff, and parents and friends of students. Other campaigns may need to target both on- and off-campus audiences. In both cases, refer to the off-campus font guidelines.

Is It Official? 

An official communication usually comes from executive offices directly, but may come from any campus department or office. Official communications are defined as any messages that carry the authority of the campus. If it isn’t clear which category a certain communication belongs to, contact University Communications for assistance.