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Merchandise Guidelines

Follow these guidelines for proper color, placement, and use of the BYU-Idaho logo.

BYU-Idaho Merchandise or Promotional Items

Official merchandise that represents the school as a whole should: 
BYU-Idaho merchandise - a draw string bag, white t-shirt, pens and water-bottles.

Merchandise or Promotional Items for Events, Offices, Departments, or Student Groups

Merchandise produced should always be reviewed by University Relations to ensure brand, honor code, and dress and grooming standards are maintained.
Use official brand colors whenever possible. Other colors can be used for practical or strategic reasons. For example, a vendor may have limited color options, or a group might need shirts in various colors to differentiate between services.
Keep the official logo or department logo away from any custom artwork, URL, or tagline. On apparel, the logo usually is added as a separate imprint to the back or sleeve in order to maintain an appropriate distance from other elements.

The sponsoring department or official logo should never be omitted unless there is not enough space. If space is limited, the official name can be written (e.g., stickers, pens, lanyards).
Creative Graphics
Do not incorporate the name of the university or that of the sponsoring department in the custom artwork. For example, instead of writing “Career Center 5K Run,” write “Mighty Oaks 5K Run.” Graphics cannot be used longer than one year.
Odd or Small Sizes
Sometimes inserting branding is difficult due to the vendor constraints (i.e., size, shape) or limitations of the medium (i.e., embroidery). Please consult with your Strategic Communications Coordinator for help.


Acceptable branding placement of department logo on the sleeve of a shirt with artwork on the back. In an acceptable branding placement example, the shirt appears again with the BYU-Idaho logo on the left sleeve but the department name combined with the artwork on the back.

Event Merchandise Logo Placement

Several examples of BYU-Idaho logo placement on short and long sleeved shirts.

Event Merchandise

Appropriate BYU-Idaho logo placement on event shirts used at the university.

Small Items

An image of a peeling sticker that displays a logo for Acoustic Cafe, BYU-Idaho 2022.


University Relations collaborates with the BYU-Idaho University Store when producing apparel (t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) and merchandise (lanyards, pens, etc.). The Store is expertly trained in vendor communications and the BYU-Idaho Brand Standards.

Contact Ruth Ann Sanns at the University Store to get started.
An outside view of the University Store at BYU-Idaho with a statue of two students reading in the foreground.