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Official BYU-Idaho logo, colors, placement, department logos, and logo use.
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Official Logo

The official university logo, sometimes called the “Two-Line Monogram,” was developed by the CES Board of Directors to closely match both BYU and BYU-Hawaii. Always use the official logo artwork.
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Use only official brand colors. For exceptions, contact University Communications.

Minimum Size

The height of the logo should never be smaller than 3/8” or approximately 36 pixels wide. The logo may require adjustments in small applications such as embroidery. Contact University Communications for assistance.

Clear Space

Always include clear space on all sides of the logo. Clear space should be determined by the size of the letter B found on the top left corner of the logo. This space should be kept clear of any other elements.
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Implied Endorsement

Do not place the BYU-Idaho official logo next to other logos without permission from University Communications. This can inadvertently imply a partnership or endorsement.
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Logo placement varies depending on the medium. Campus ads usually have the logo on the bottom left corner in a black box. Letterheads place the logo on the top left corner. The logo is usually locked into a pre-made template. Contact University Communications for access to these templates or with any questions about how to use the logo according to brand standards.


Do not distort or change the official logo in any way. This includes but is not limited to:  
  • Stretching 
  • Distortion 
  • Re-creation of logo artwork 
  • Enlarging individual elements 
  • Changing to unapproved color schemes 
  • Adding text 
  • Changing logo fonts 
  • Adding texture 
  • Adding and or removing elements 
  • Moving individual elements 
  • Rotation 
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Department Logos

Department Logos come in a set of predetermined configurations. They are used on office stationery, office signage, wayfinding, and department merchandise

Visit SharePoint to download an existing department logo. To request a new department logo or to modify an existing one, please contact University Communications.