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Campus Logo Guidelines

Branding guidelines and exceptions for department logos, student groups or societies, graphic designs, and artwork.

Department Logo

We ask that official campus organizations use a Department Logo for several reasons:  
  • We want our organizations to feel like they clearly belong to BYU-Idaho. It implies campus unity. 
  • Logos become more recognizable when they are used consistently over time. 
  • Organizations that utilize the official logo can leverage the reputation of BYU-Idaho. 
Access Department Logos
The image tells that Department Logos come in a set of predetermined configurations

Student Group or Society

Societies cannot have a unique logo or a department logo. Instead, we ask that they use the I-Belong app and temporary artwork to promote themselves.

If your society is a local chapter of a national or international society, contact University Communications for approval.
An image of a cell phone with multiple campus-oriented apps for BYU-Idaho students.

Graphic Elements

Consistently-used colors, fonts, or graphic elements are not considered logos so long as they:  
  • don’t replace the department or university logo 
  • are used as textures, patterns, or supplemental design elements 
  • are not paired with the department or university name 
Appropriate use of BYU-Idaho branding colors and logo use on a graphic designed poster advertising Alumni Networking at the BYU-Idaho Career Center.

Graphic Elements (Approved)

The blue triangles are used as a design element. This would be approved.
An unacceptable example of the use of BYU-Idaho logo on a graphic designed poster. The poster displays BYU-Idaho's name as BYUI in an unapproved font. The font is crossed out showing it is unacceptable.

Graphic Elements (Not Approved)

The blue triangles are paired up with the name of the organization in such a way that it looks like a logo. This would not be approved.


We don’t consider custom artwork as a logo so long as:  
  • the artwork is not used longer than a year 
  • the sponsoring organization’s department logo is always included 
  • the name of the department or BYU-Idaho’s name isn’t integrated within the artwork 
Acceptable branding placement of department logo on the sleeve of a shirt with artwork on the back. In an acceptable branding placement example, the shirt appears again with the BYU-Idaho logo on the left sleeve but the department name combined with the artwork on the back.
The left example keeps the name of the organization on the department logo instead of incorporating it into the artwork (on the right).


We don’t allow official campus organizations to have a custom logo. Exceptions can be requested through University Relations for the following scenarios:  
  • regularly-held, campus-wide events 
  • campus organizations that compete in the open marketplace 
  • on-campus food venues 
An outside view of the University Village married housing signage on a brick wall of the housing building at BYU-Idaho.

University Village

The University Village is a good example of a campus organization that needs to compete in the open marketplace
A poster displaying an aerial view of students at a conference with the words R&CW: Research & Creative Works Conference.


The R&CW is a campus-wide event important to the university. This event was granted approval for a custom mark.