Custom logos for departments and official organizations are not permitted. University Relations will provide an appropriate logo for the organizations needs. 

Official Organizations

Official organizations include departments, colleges, certain offices and other organizations in the formal structure of the university. These organizations are given a logo provided by University Relations. Approval is required to use this logo.


BYU-Idaho logo and offical organization logos
Ofiical organization logo options

Campus Sub Organizations

An official organization that has reporting organizations can provide a variation of their logo that includes the sub-organizations name under the official organization. 


BYU-Idaho logo and campus sub organization logos
Campus sub organization logo options

 Several options are provided for a variety of applications.

Specific Campus sub organization logo options

* If a sub-organization is struggling with limitations of certain media they may request an exception from University Relations.

Merchandise Exception

When creating merchandise organizations can remove the BYU-Idaho portion of their logo on the front of a t-shirt. The full logo is still required somewhere on the t-shirt.

Campus sub organization Shirt placement logo options

Temporary Merchandise Exception

When creating merchandise in connection with a campaign the sub-organizations name may be used on a t-shirt. BYU-Idaho or the official organization's name may not be used. The full logo is still required somewhere on the t-shirt and the merchandise should not be given out for more than a year.

Temporoary Mechandise Logo Exception

Sub-organizations name may  be used on t-shirt.

Do not use parent organizations name on t-shirt outside of the logo.

Do not use BYU-Idaho's name on outside of the logo.

Campus Events

Campus events can have a unique logo created by University Relations. The event must be recurring at least yearly. The logo lock-up of the sponsoring organization or the BYU-Idaho Logo-box needs to be included on all material. The event logo must then be used for a minimum of three years before a new logo request will be granted.

Campus Event Logos and required accompanying logos

Campaign & Promotions

When promoting anything on campus through campaigns or other means, a logo or something that could be perceived as or become a logo cannot be used. However temporary artwork can be used to help unify your campaign or promotion. As long as that artwork is only used for the span of the campaign and does not use BYU-Idaho's name in a typographical illustration. The sponsoring groups logo is not required on print and web channels, but is required on any merchandise.  

Brand Example of effective visual campaign
Brand Example of effective visual campaign