Having consistent office communication materials presents the University as a unified professional institution to the world.

This page refers to on-campus marketing. For standard marketing, please refer to the Standard Campus Guidelines.

Business Cards

There are specific business card templates for all university employees. Business cards for a department should use the same template. They can type the department name in place of the employee name and leave the title line blank. Contact Print & Copy Services with your information to have your business cards printed.

Bussiness Card Example
Mission Statement Document

Email Signatures

Email signatures should be left justified in Arial 12 pt font as follows.

Go to Options in Outlook, then Mail, Layout and Email Signature. Copy the above text and replace with your own information. In order to make the links live, highlight each one and select the "more options" carrot from the menu bar. Then select the "insert hyperlink" icon and type in the link's web address.

Example of email showing where to put specific information.

Internal Documents

Documents that are to be used internally, or "White Papers", have templates that can be downloaded in Word Doc form. The header is a fixed image, but the rest of the document can be formatted to fit your needs.

Internal Emails

Mass emails should not be sent out without the involvement of University Relations. When mass emails are sent out to on-campus groups, the BYU-Idaho logo box is the only thing required on the masthead. It should not be smaller than 50 px wide. When sending emails that could be sent to off-campus individuals or groups, the logo box is still required, but the entire masthead must use the official university core colors and fonts.

Letterhead and Memos

Templates are available to download for each department's letterhead. Letterhead paper is to be used on official office communication. Once downloaded, replace the bottom line with your department's current contact information. Contact University Relations with any changes to your department's information, such as departmental name changes. The same template is used for memos and faxes.

NOTE: Templates are available for printing on letterhead paper purchased from the press. This paper has the BYU-Idaho logo pre-printed on it, which has your department name in the correct position. When printing in large numbers, this is the cost-efficient option.

See guidelines for sending and receiving BYU-Idaho Mail


Before printing the envelope:

  1. Make sure the style and branding is consistent with BYU-Idaho visual identities. 
  2. Visit Mail Services' web site to make sure mailing standards are followed. 
    • Mail Services
    • Still need help? Call 208-496-2630 or 208-496-2631 or contact by email at mailservices@byui.edu 
  3. Work with BYU-Idaho's Print and Copy Services to print the final piece.