Template Library for Channels

Review the guidelines for On-Campus and Off-Campus to create your own marketing material. Whenever possible, use On-Campus Templates when creating media for on campus. View merchandise channels in the Merchandise Library.

Marketing Channel Guidelines

Off-Campus Branding Guidelines

There are no templates avaliable for Off-Campus use. Use Off-Campus Branding Guidelines to create anything that is not advertised on campus.

On-Campus Marketing Channels

Follow On-Campus Branding Guidelines to create on-campus media that is not available in On-Campus Templates found below.

On-Campus Marketing Channel Templates

Digital Channels

Campus E-mail

Department Websites

Department Websites

Power Point

Social Media

Web Ads

Office Communication

Stewardship Review

Stewardship Review

Print Channels

Examples of three banners




Bulletin Boards

Campus Mail


Table Tents

Oversized Posters