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Staying Balanced

BYU-Idaho cares deeply about students’ overall health and wellness. We are committed to provide students with resources to achieve a balanced, happy, healthy, and successful lifestyle.

Academic Wellness

BYU-Idaho is committed to help you succeed in your academic pursuits. A healthy lifestyle is essential to your academic development.
The Academic Advising Center is the gateway to your academic success. Meet with an advisor to explore, declare, or change your major or to modify classes to your abilities and needs. Your advisor will assist you with referrals to other student services as needed. Schedule an appointment now to ensure you are on the right track to success.
Located in the East Wing/2nd Floor of the McKay Library, you will find tutors and assistance in Math, Writing, Study Skills, Reading, Language, and Presentations. Rated as one of the happiest places on campus, come see how they can help you be successful.
The Disability Services office will assist you by providing accommodations in both your online and face to face classes. Contact the Disability Services office to review your needs and see how they can make a difference in your academic success.
Student Support Peer Mentoring is designed to help you succeed in every aspect of your life. From one-on-one settings to small group workshops, you can meet regularly with mentors to achieve your goals. You can request a mentor for yourself or refer someone who needs a mentor.
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All BYU-Idaho Employees are Mentors
BYU-Idaho employees care about you and want you to be successful in and out of the classroom. Talk to an instructor to receive help or a referral for other campus services.

Additional Resources

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Mental Wellness

The BYU-Idaho Wellness Center offers programs, classes, and resources to improve your mental health and stability.
The Counseling Center is for matriculated students taking at least 6 credits. You may call to schedule a brief, initial consultation with one of our counselors to discuss your mental health concerns and to develop a treatment plan. Call 208-496-9370 to make an appointment.
You have free access to a private, online self-help program for stress, anxiety, and depression. Sign up using your BYUI email address.
THRIVE is a 5-week program focused on fun, positive interventions to help with depression and anxiety. You are taught how to find joy through coping skills and recreational activities.
Several mental health workshops are offered regularly throughout the semester on topics such as time management, stress management, and resiliency.
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Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline
Call or Text208-398-4357(HELP)

Physical Wellness

Countless studies show the connection between physical activity, academic success, and mental health. BYU-Idaho has what you need to create daily habits of healthy living that will lead to a happier, more successful YOU!
The Wellness Center offers services and programs to help you develop daily healthy habits. Receive a consultation to discuss proper nutrition, fitness habits, sleep hygiene, and more. Sign-up for Fit4Life and receive regular visits with a wellness coach and personal trainer to help you meet your goals.
Whatever your interest, it is here for you! Check out BYU-Idaho Activities for daily fitness classes, recreational sports offerings, and outdoor excursions. These areas have a variety of offerings to meet your interest and skill level. Visit the website for more information and to sign up for activities.
BYU-Idaho offers the best recreational facilities. The indoor facilities include a 25,000 sq ft fitness center (Hart) with all the latest equipment, 10 multi-use courts with an elevated running track (BYUI-Center), two additional courts, and a swimming pool in the Hart. Check out the website for additional facilities including equipment checkout and the latest COVID-19 policies.

Social Wellness

Positive social practices can help you build strong support systems that will help you stay healthier mentally and physically. BYU-Idaho has a vast array of opportunities for you to get involved in that are fun, rewarding, and will help you connect with others who have similar likes and interests.
Over 3,000 activities & events are offered each year so you can have fun, meet new people, and try new things. So, get out there are find something to do.
I-Belong is an app that helps you find and register for activities and events that are happening. I-Belong also allows you to connect with student organizations across campus. Download the app and check it out.
One of the best ways to bless your own life is to bless the lives of others through service. Check out the many different ways you can serve on the I-Serve page.
Want to boost your resume and give back to the University at the same time?  Then look at the volunteer and leadership opportunities available on campus.
Although you may not always get to choose your roommates while here at BYU-Idaho, you do get to choose how you interact with them. Student Living provides a number of valuable resources to help you make your time with your roommates and your weekly Home Evening Activities meaningful and rewarding.
One of the main reasons students choose to attend BYU-Idaho is the prospect of getting to know others that share the same values. These shared values help promote a safe environment and an atmosphere where the Spirit of the Lord can flourish.

Spiritual Wellness

BYU-Idaho's mission is to help you build a strong testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. You can choose how to incorporate spiritual development in every area of your life. Help others do the same. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
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Daily Habits
  • Create daily habits of personal prayer and find a time with roommates to gather for prayer. “Watch Ye Therefore, and Pray Always” by Elder Ballard.
  • Scripture study- Elder Robert D. Hales taught: “When we want [God] to speak to us, we search the scriptures.” Create the habit daily of scripture study so that God can speak to you through the words of the prophets and the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.
  • Let God Prevail” in your daily decisions as taught by President Nelson in the October 2020 General Conference.
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Weekly Habits
  • Attend/watch devotional each week.
  • Make sabbath day observance a priority by attending sacrament meeting and other church meetings.
  • Make the effort to hold FHE and strive to develop friendships with your group.
  • Accept church callings and look for opportunities to serve individually or with a group.
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Monthly Habits
  • Perform your ministering duties to brothers and sisters in your ward.
  • Attend the temple regularly (as permitted due to COVID-19 restrictions).
  • Family history work by indexing and preparing names for the temple.
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Religion Classes
  • View your religion classes as an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and strive to live the teachings. When possible, take a class each semester to maintain an appropriate balance during your time at BYU-Idaho. 
  • If your schedule does not allow you to take a class on campus, attend the Rexburg Institute in the evenings.
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Campus Ward & Stake Information