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Mental Wellness

The BYU-Idaho Wellness Center offers programs, classes, and resources to improve your mental health and stability.
Learn from self-help articles or follow Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) — an interactive, web-based program.
BYU-Idaho offers programs, classes, and mental aids to improve your mental health and stability.
Help Numbers

CRISIS TEXT LINE: 741741 (text HOME)
Title IX (Sexual Misconduct)

Workshops and Programs

The Wellness Center offers many different workshops and programs to fit your specific mental and emotional needs.
Thrive is a 9-week depression and anxiety program.
Learn valuable skills, connect with fellow students, and win fun prizes.
Learn Healthy ways to manage physical, mental, and emotional tension.
Learn how to decrease stress responses in the body
See a list of all workshops and programs.
September 17, 2021 03:29 PM
Fitness, nutrition, and wellness consultations offered. Find out what you can gain from our 30-minute consultations.
Find off-campus counseling resources in Rexburg with the help of the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center.