Home Evening groups can reserve Monday evening activities provided on their behalf in accordance with established Eastern Idaho Public Health safety protocols. Certain activities are also available for Ward Home Evenings groups to schedule on Tuesday and Thursday nights and during the day on Saturday by appointment. Please refer to COVID protocols listed at the bottom of each section for a complete understanding of guidelines.

Social Home Evening Activities

First Mondays

May 3, June 7, July 5
Activity Room
Escape Room MC 266
Giant Games MC Info
Karaoke MC 231
Crafty activity MC 360
Just Dance MC 387
B-Ball Connect 4 MC 372
Scavenger Hunt MC Involvement
Volleyball w beach ball Upper Fields
Photo backdrop MC 386
Laser Tag Taylor
Laser Tag Taylor

Second Mondays

May 10, June 14, July 12
Activities Room
Mini Golf MC 231
Giant Games
Karaoke MC Info
Spray Paint Night Outside
Game Show Crossroads
Bubble Balls MC 266
Archery Tag Upper Fields
Gardens Grass
Photo backdrop MC 386
Laser Tag Taylor
Laser Tag Taylor

Third Mondays

May 17, June 21
Activities Room
Escape Rooms MC
Giant Games Info Desk
Karaoke MC Stage
Crafty activity MC 2nd floor
Minute to Win it Crossroads
Among Us Taylor
Volleyball w beach ball Upper Fields
Photo backdrop MC 386
Laser Tag Taylor
Laser Tag Taylor

Fourth Mondays

April 26, May 24, June 28
Activities Room
Mini Golf MC231
Giant Games MC266
Karaoke MC stage
Crafty Activity MC372
Trivia Night Crossroads
Mario Kart/Band Hero Crossroads
Go Karts Parking Lot
photo backdrop MC 386
Laser Tag Taylor
Laser Tag Taylor

Fifth Mondays

Activities Room
Service (Free) MC 231
Service (Free) MC 231
Service (Free) MC 231
MC 386
Laser Tag Taylor
Laser Tag Taylor

***Reservations must be made the Friday before your FHE activity.***

Reserve Your Spot

Face Masks Required
• $0.50/person fee added if masks are not self-provided

Activity Options/Services Provided
• Activity Reservations And/Or Questions: Reservations can be submitted through the online form or by calling
• No off-campus food allowed
• $1.00/person pre-packaged snack item can be added to your reservation
• Additional food/meal purchasing options are available through Food Services

Recreational Home Evening Activities

Ropes Course
Ropes Course, 4-8pm, $4 per person
Reserve Your Spot

Group Fitness Class (Refit)
Hart 234, 7-8:00pm, free.

Reserve Your Spot

Lightning (Basketball)
I-Center, 6-9pm, free.

Indoor Volleyball
I-Center, 6-9pm, free.

I-Center, 6-9pm, free.

I-Center, 6-9pm, free.

Reserve Your Spot

Face masks and pre-registration required.

Safety guidelines and protocols will be followed.

Service Home Evening Activities

I-Serve offers various humanitarian service activities each Monday evening from 7-8pm in the MC 175A. Reserve a spot for your home evening group.

Reserve Your Spot

Face masks are required

Self-Serve Home Evening Activities

Home Evening is a time for apartments to enjoy activities and lessons together. Below you will find links to many activities. These activities have discussion questions and principles to teach along with the lesson. If you have any questions, please email studentliving@byui.edu.

***Please remember to follow all COVID-19 guidelines as you gather in Home Evening Groups***

Have Questions? Need Help?

The Activities & Involvement Center is here to help.
Phone: (208) 496-7300
Email: involvement@byui.edu