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Academic Standards

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to be eligible to earn a BYU-Idaho degree.

A student's official Academic Standing is designated as one of the following statuses:

  1. Eligible: eligible to continue enrolling in courses and persisting toward completion of a declared degree
  2. Ineligible: not eligible to continue enrolling at BYU-Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions

An individual grade of "C" equates to a 2.0 GPA and is defined in the BYU-Idaho Academic Catalog as a "sufficient understanding of subject matter." A student with less than a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework would not have a sufficient understanding in their program of study. Therefore, only students who have acquired, at minimum, a sufficient understanding of the subject matter can be awarded a BYU-Idaho degree.
Grad Planner
Students can find their cumulative GPA on the top of their Grad Plan, after logging in.

Unofficial Transcript
The cumulative GPA is located at the bottom of a student's unofficial transcript, found on the Student Tab of  Select "Unofficial Transcript" on the left navigation bar, then proceed to click "PDF Unofficial Transcript" in the center of the page.
Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 will not automatically become ineligible. Improved student success and retention efforts, currently being led by BYU-Idaho's Academic Advising Center and Student Success and Retention Office, were implemented to assist students in successfully improving their academic performance and continuing their progress toward degree completion.
When a student is changed to Ineligible, BYU-Idaho will notify the student directly by email.  A student's Academic Standing is also located on the Student Tab of  Look for "Academic Status" on the right side of the "Academic Summary" chart.
A student with an academic status of ineligible:
  • May not register for BYU-Idaho courses
  • May not work in BYU-Idaho student employment
  • May not live in BYU-Idaho approved housing
  • May not attend BYU-Idaho
Students who are academically ineligible are prevented from enrolling in any course for two consecutive semesters, including online courses or internships. In order to return to BYU-Idaho following the two semesters of ineligibility, the student will need to petition for approval to again enroll in courses and return to Eligible academic standing.
BYU-Idaho is committed to each student’s success. Before allowing an ineligible student to return to BYU-Idaho, the University wants to ensure the student has taken the necessary steps to change any factors that prevented previous academic success. During the petition process, students will be asked to outline what steps they have taken to prepare for a successful return to BYU-Idaho. Students who have merely sat out for two semesters without taking any steps to improve the likelihood of academic success will not be approved to return to BYU-Idaho.
While each student’s circumstances are unique, there are generally applicable options a student may take to increase the likelihood of a successful return:
  • Resolve any personal challenges that previously prevented academic success.
  • Create a specific plan and set goals to ensure future academic success.
  • Engage in meaningful career exploration and decision making.
  • As applicable, seek assistance and support from family, ecclesiastical leaders, and others.
  • Take action to strengthen financial stability.
  • Successfully complete courses at a different school (local community college, Institute, etc.).
A student's academic status will become Ineligible if there is no probable way for the student to attain a 2.0 cumulative GPA required to earn a degree within 180 attempted credits.

BYU-Idaho is committed to each student’s success. When a student struggles to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA over an extended period (as a result of poor grades in one or more courses each term), the risk of negative academic and financial impact increases significantly. In order to assist students in stopping and reversing this trend, the student’s enrollment status will be changed to ineligible, and a hold will be placed on their account to prevent further enrollment in courses.

The intent of this academic status and enrollment ineligibility is to allow the student time to identify those factors preventing academic success. Time away from school is intended to help the student resolve and correct those factors so academic success can be achieved when the student returns to BYU-Idaho.
One of the hallmarks of the BYU-Idaho experience is the concern faculty and administration have for students and their academic success. Because of this focus, BYU-Idaho's Academic Standards Policy was designed to help students persist in their academic goals to completion of their desired program. Additionally, outreach efforts have been designed to identify at-risk students and provide immediate help in developing a personalized academic success plan.
Academic Advising Office
The Academic Advising Office is a great source to students who need guidance in their academic schedule, credit questions and overall success. If a student has questions about their degree program, classes or schedule, set up an appointment with the Academic Advising Office.
Phone: (208) 496-9800 
Office: Chapman 101

Tutoring Center
BYU-Idaho offers many free tutoring and support services for students who need academic help. The Academic Support Center website has a complete list of all current resources available. Students are encouraged to get specialized help in their current courses.
Phone: (208) 496-4270
Office: David O. McKay Library, 2nd Floor, East Wing
Students can contact Student Records and Registration at (208) 496-1023 or
Questions regarding a student's financial aid eligibility based on the official academic standard should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at (208) 496-1411.
Questions regarding a student's housing contract should be directed to the Student Housing Office at (208) 496-9220.