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Grading System

Learn more about BYU-Idaho's grading system and which grades and how grades reflect a student's progress.

Grades are determined by each instructor based upon an evaluation of all assigned and completed coursework. Classroom/laboratory participation, mastery of subject matter, and promise of continuing success in sequential courses in related fields are all criteria used to evaluate progress.

Progress Grades and Non-Progress Grades

Progress Grades: Attempted and Earned

  • "A" represents outstanding understanding, application, and integration of subject material and extensive evidence of original thinking, skillful use of concepts, and ability to analyze and solve complex problems. Demonstrates diligent application of Learning Model principles, including initiative in serving other students.
  • "B" represents considerable/significant understanding, application, and incorporation of the material that would prepare a student to be successful in next-level courses, graduate school, or employment. The student participates in the Learning Model as applied in the course.
  • "C" represents a sufficient understanding of the subject matter. The student demonstrates minimal initiative to be prepared for class. Sequenced courses could be attempted, but mastering new materials might prove challenging. The student participates only marginally in the Learning Model.
  • "D" represents poor performance and initiative to learn, understand, and apply course materials. Retaking a course or remediation may be necessary to prepare for additional instruction in this subject matter.

Non-progress Grades: Attempted, But Not Earned

  • "F" represents failure in the course.
  • "W" represents a withdrawal from the class and will not be calculated into the GPA. However, if the class is dropped during the first 22 calendar days (including weekends and holidays) of a semester, or the first 15 calendar days of a block, no annotation will be made on the permanent academic record.
  • "UW" represents an unofficial withdrawal which is given to a student who meets the following criteria: did not complete proper withdrawal procedures; has record of non-attendance; did not complete any work, tests, or class related assignments after attendance ceased; or the record of non-attendance did not begin after the last date to drop class without grade earned. The "UW" is calculated into the GPA as a failing grade value (0.0).
  • "I" is a conditional grade. (See "Incomplete Grades.")
  • "NR" represents the grade was not reported by the instructor. A student receiving an "NR" grade should contact the instructor to request that a valid grade be submitted to the Student Records and Registration Office.
  • "T" represents a temporary grade that is assigned for courses that do not fall within normal academic deadlines of any given semester. (e.g. internships, etc.)
  • "IP" indicates that the course is in progress.