Accounting Services oversees all payments and transactions for BYU-I. In addition, Accounting Services works to maintain each student's financial experience through BYU-I's I-Card, payments, taxes, and financial help.

Payments and Refunds

Make and keep track of payments and refunds for the school through your Personal Account Summary.

Payments and Refunds


Discover who to contact about your holds and find the information on how to resolve them.


Financial Aid

Find out about policies and disbursement methods for Financial Aid.

Financial Aid

Financial Deadlines

Knowing the financial deadlines is essential to avoid paying late fees and service charges and potentially paying for classes that are dropped late.


Discover how to replace your broken or outdated I-Card as well as read policies regarding the use of your I-Card.

Tax Information

Learn how your status as a student can influence your taxes and receive brief instructions on filing your taxes.

Personal Account

Make payments on your account and see your current balance.

Privacy Policy & Release Form

Review the Privacy Policy and download a release form.