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Financial Responsibility Hold

The Financial Responsibility Hold consists of two parts: the Tuition Refund Notice and Student Financial Responsibility. In order to remove this hold one simply has to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Student tab and find the hold
  2. Once the hold has been located find the section that says "Please click here to remove this hold"
  3. READ all of the information given under the Tuition Refund Notice and Student Financial Responsibility sections
  4. Once you have read ALL the information under these two sections check the boxes acknowledging that you have READ and UNDERSTAND the stated information
  5. Click "Save and Refresh Hold and Eligibility Data"

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Health Care/Health Center Holds

Please contact the Health Center for questions regarding any Student Health Care or Health Center holds.

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Past Due Debt Holds

For any of the Past Due Debt Holds, before you will be cleared to register (add/drop courses), receive a transcript (official or unofficial), or receive a diploma you will need to pay your balance in full.

Most Past Due Debt Holds will be removed automatically once you pay your debts in full. If the hold is not removed after your payments, please contact Accounting Services.

If you do not see a balance owed on your account, but still have a Past Due Debt Hold, please contact Accounting Services.

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Prepayment Hold

If you have a Prepayment Hold on your account, you will be required to prepay your tuition.  Before you can actually register, you will need to prepay tuition equal to the amount of credits for which you anticipate registering for the next semester. This payment will need to be made to the Hold Account on your Personal Account Summary. Once you have prepaid, you will need to contact the Accounting Services Office the same day so the Prepayment hold can be removed.

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Has your account been sent to a collection agency? For more information, visit our Collections page.