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University-Issued Credit Cards

Employees who travel or purchase on behalf of the University should apply for a University-issued credit card to pay for these expenses. The use of personal credit cards to make purchases for University expenses is generally not approved.


OneCards are used for every-day business-related purchases (subscriptions, office supplies, etc.) and business travel. Any employee that plans on traveling for the University should apply for the OneCard.

Department/Society Cards

Department and Society Cards are used for everyday business-related purchases (subscriptions, office supplies, etc.) when an area needs the ability for authorized employees or students to use a card without having their own OneCard. The Department/Society Card is issued to a card steward that has responsibility for the card. Travel-related charges are blocked from being used on the Card.

Group Travel Cards

Group Travel Cards are used for authorized student travel-related expenses (food, hotel, transportation, etc.) when the standard OneCard limits do not suffice or the employee needs access to cash advances through ATMs.

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