Specific forms have been designed for use on campus. The appropriate form should be used as designed to facilitate the specific service or transaction desired.


  1. The forms have been designed to be self explanatory in their use. The distribution on the various copies of each form is also included.
  2. Campus forms may be picked up at the following locations. Offices should not pick up more than a four month supply of forms.
  3. If there are any questions, call the Accounting Office, Purchasing Department, Motor Pool, Budget Officer or the Development Office.

Credit Card Applications Accounting Specialist (KIM 130)(Ext 1991)
Budget Adjustment Forms Budget Officer (KIM 290)
Budget Request Budget Officer (KIM 290)
Campus Purchase Order (CPO) Accounting Office (KIM 130)
Capital Equipment Changes Budget Officer (KIM 290)
Check Request Accounting Office (KIM 130)
Credit (A/R) Application Accounting Office (KIM 130)
Departmental Hand Checks Accounting Office (KIM 130)
Gifts in Kind Development Office (KIM 220)
Invoices Accounting Office (KIM 130)
Petty Cash Cashiers Office (KIM 130I)
Purchase Requisitions https://web.byui.edu/Purchasing/webpr/AutoPrMaint.aspx
Relief of Accountability  
  -Lost or Change http://dep.byui.edu/Surplus/
  -To be Surplused http://dep.byui.edu/Surplus/
Travel Authorization/Expense https://web.byui.edu/TravelAuthorization/EmployeeTravel.aspx
Vehicle Rental https://web.byui.edu/FleetServices/VehicleRentals/