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Faculty Development and Mentored Research
Office of Faculty Development & Mentored Research
The Office of Faculty Development offers resources to faculty for training and professional development. Faculty may find resources on the Faculty Development Canvas course, the Learning & Teaching Community website, and in the sections below.
Cody Wong talking to a faculty
Faculty Development Resource Application (FDRA)
Use the following Canvas links to apply for a Faculty Learning Fellowship, Professional Development Leave, or Mentored Student Research Funding.

Faculty Development Plan and Annual Stewardship Interview

Download this Guide when creating your annual plan and preparing for your annual stewardship review. More details and instructions for creating your annual plan can be found on the Faculty Development Canvas course.

The Continuing Faculty Status Process

The purpose of the CFS process is to orient and acclimatize new faculty at BYU-Idaho –to give them access to rich resources during the early years of their career here and to establish a pattern of ongoing development as progressive teachers and mentors. New faculty who are involved in the CFS process can find more information on the CFS Process Canvas course.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Studies

  • The Institutional Review Board is a federally mandated function at institutions of higher education that is responsible for overseeing and safeguarding the rights of human subjects in human subject research.
  • The IRB reviews all research proposals on campus that involve human subjects and provides guidance and resources to faculty members and students as they conduct their research activities.
  • The IRB at BYUI is composed of a director and representatives from each college, as well as a member from outside the University.
  • If you are planning to conduct a research project that will involve human subjects, you will need to register your study with the University.
  • For information about the Institutional Review Board and to access resources, use the appropriate links below.