Step 1 - See if BookShare has your books first        

Go to and download your books if BookShare has them. If you need a free BookShare account just ask. VitalSource, RedShelf and Kindle also have accessible formats if you want to rent or purchase an eBook version. For E-Text you cannot find please continue below. 

Step 2 - Verify the E-Text accommodation is checked for your course    

Login ButtonLogin to the BYU-Idaho Disability Services Access Portal at:

My Accommodations Box

              A. Once you have logged in, go to the left hand side of your dashboard under My Accommodations and select List Accommodations. 

              B. In the center of your dashboard, Select Courses in which you want E-text accommodations.       Class Selection

          Customize Accommodations      Then scroll down and click the button to "Continue to Customize Your Accommodations".

E-text Accommodation


       C. Make sure E-Text is one of your accom-modations. If it is not then check the box and "Submit Your Requests" or Update for Administrator approval. 

Step 3 - Select the Books you need in E-Text    

              D. On the left hand side menu, select "Alternative Formats" under "My Accommodations". 

    My Accommodations Box         Make sure the Term is the correct semester shown or click on next or previous term to choose. 

                                                        Term Selector

      E. Scroll down and click the "Select" button only for the books you need Disability Services to get in E-Text for you.    

                     Book List

      F. NOTE: Only select the books you need Disability Services to get in E-Text for you. EBooks purchased or rented from VitalSource, RedShelf or BookShare should already be in an accessible format, so no need to select them.

      G. Submit your receipt. Proof of purchase (or rent) is required for any book you press "Select" on. Email a pic of the receipt to Your BYUI Bookstore receipts are available at

      H. You can Download your e-Text or see the progress of your book requests in this Alternative Formats area. All your book requests will be listed here. You will receive an email once a book is ready for download. 

                                                   Download books